Unhinge oven door – easier cleaning

The oven door is often in the way when you really want to clean the oven thoroughly. In addition, grease and baked-on dirt can also get stuck in the corners on the hinges. Cleaning can be done more easily if you simply unhinge the oven door. Here we show you how to do that with most ovens.

Modern oven – unhooking the door

In the new modern ovens are usually used glass doors with a special hinge that ensures that the door can be removed entirely without tools. However, if possible, you should assign a second person to hold the door while you loosen the hinges. Because of the double panes of glass, the doors are often not lightweight. Therefore, the doors can easily fall off while being removed.

1. open oven door all the way
2. Second person should hold door
3. Release safety clip on hinge
4. You may need to push the door slightly against the oven
5. Push hinged / safety bar back as far as it will go
6. Lift the door and lift it out

Older models – Operating instructions

On some older ovens, the method to unhinge the oven door may be completely different. On some models, the instructions are kindly written directly on the inside of the door or marked with arrows next to the hinge. Of course, it’s not always that simple. If you can’t find any indication on the door at all, you should dig out the good old instruction manual. Also, most older ovens have a way to remove the door, this should be noted somewhere in the paperwork.

Clean hinges

Again, this is where it pays to keep old toothbrushes. There are often crumbs sitting in the hinges that have become very stuck due to grease splatter. A toothbrush is a good way to get into the little nooks and crannies around the hinges and brackets.

Tips & tricks

The seals on the oven door also quickly get full of grease. This often comes from the greasy steam alone, which tries to get out here. When you unhinge the oven door, you can also thoroughly clean the seals of any greasy dirt right away.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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