Travelling with Baby Strollers

Are you and your family traveling with a toddler or infant and wondering what the best baby stroller for travel is? Let’s face it, traveling without children can be very stressful but when you add a baby on top of it, a trip can be anything but enjoyable. However, buying the right stroller for your travels does make a huge difference in making an already stressful situation more enjoyable for everyone, so that no one is left feeling the bulk of the stress.

What do I need to know for traveling with a stroller?

When you are traveling, be sure to check with the airline because your baby stroller is typically treated the same as luggage and therefore will not cost you more in fees. Unless you have a very portable stroller, that can fold and fit under your seat on the airplane, you will need to check the stroller in like any other baggage. Therefore, if you do not want the airline crew handling your stroller, you would need to make sure the one you purchase would indeed fold and fit under your seat so that you can carry it on board.

Checking with the airline concerning their baby stroller regulations is a great idea before you head out and buy a travel stroller for the occasion. You do not want to get to the airport and be blindsided because this can be avoided by checking beforehand what regulations are in place. It is especially important to check with the airline if you plan to travel with a large stroller, such as a jogging stroller, because the size of the stroller when folded is the determining factor in how it is treated. You can also see a list of the best double strollers for infants and toddlers.

Baby Stroller for Travel

If the baby stroller is large, it is typically treated as a wheelchair and checked in with other luggage. The point is, when you plan, you make a very stressful situation, such as traveling with a baby much more enjoyable for everyone. Checking with the airline and finding out their rules as far as how they view strollers is key before you ever arrive at the airport. You can save a lot of heartache by simply knowing all the facts about the type of stroller you are bringing, what the airline allows on board and what needs to be checked in.

Traveling is tough enough but when you add a baby to mix, you are going to have additional stress, you can be sure of that. However, taking a huge baby stroller with you assuming you can take it on-board is going to add more stress since most airlines will not allow it. Your stroller will be treated as luggage, which typically will not cost you more, but you need to verify this before you leave. If you want to take the stroller on-board with you to fold and place under the seat, be sure to find the smaller and lightest weight stroller you can as this will make it much less stressful.

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