How to discharge switch axe

The switch axe is a versatile weapon in the popular video game Monster Hunter World. It offers hunters the flexibility to switch between a powerful axe mode and a swift sword mode. While the switch axe provides an array of devastating attacks, one of the most satisfying moves to execute is the discharge. This move unleashes a flurry of elemental or status-based attacks that can deal immense damage to monsters. However, mastering the timing and execution of the discharge move is crucial to maximize its effectiveness.

To discharge the switch axe, hunters must first build up their sword gauge by landing attacks in the sword mode. Each successful hit with the sword will fill the gauge, and once it reaches the maximum level, hunters can unleash the discharge. It’s important to note that the discharge move consumes a significant amount of stamina, so hunters should ensure they have enough stamina before attempting to execute the attack.

When executing the discharge, hunters should aim to be in close proximity to the monster to ensure maximum damage. Before initiating the discharge, it’s recommended to ensure that the monster is in a vulnerable state, such as when it’s been toppled or temporarily incapacitated. This will allow hunters to unleash the full potential of the discharge move and deal a significant amount of damage to the monster.

Timing is crucial when executing the discharge move. Hunters should aim to initiate the discharge just as the sword gauge reaches its maximum level. This will result in a more powerful discharge and increase the chances of stagger or applying status effects on the monster. It’s important to practice the timing and execution of the discharge move to ensure consistent success in battles with powerful monsters.

In conclusion, mastering the discharge move in Monster Hunter World requires practice, precise timing, and strategic execution. By building up the sword gauge, ensuring stamina is sufficient, and timing the discharge move correctly, hunters can unleash devastating attacks that can turn the tide of battles. So, grab your switch axe, embark on thrilling hunts, and discharge your way to victory!

What is a switch axe?

The switch axe is a versatile and powerful weapon in the world of Monster Hunter. It combines the mobility and speed of a sword with the brute force of an axe, allowing hunters to switch between two different modes depending on their needs.

In axe mode, the switch axe delivers heavy hitting attacks that can deal devastating damage to monsters. It is perfect for breaking parts and dealing massive damage to the enemy. However, its attacks are slower and less accurate, requiring hunters to carefully time their strikes.

In sword mode, the switch axe becomes faster and more agile, allowing hunters to unleash a flurry of quick attacks. This mode is ideal for slashing through a monster’s defenses and dealing consistent damage. Hunters can also charge up their sword mode attacks to unleash powerful elemental or status effects.

One of the unique features of the switch axe is its ability to transform between axe and sword mode mid-combo. This allows hunters to seamlessly switch between modes and continue their assault without interruption. Mastering this technique is essential for maximizing the switch axe’s damage potential.

Overall, the switch axe is a formidable weapon that offers a wide range of attacks and playstyles. Its versatility and power make it a popular choice among hunters who enjoy a mix of brute force and agility.

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Understanding the basics

Before diving into the mechanics of how to discharge the switch axe, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the basics. The switch axe is a versatile weapon that can be used in either sword mode or axe mode, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. Switching between these modes effectively is key to maximizing your damage output and staying agile in combat.

Sword mode

In sword mode, the switch axe offers quick and precise attacks, allowing you to deal consistent damage to your target. Your primary goal in this mode is to build up energy within your switch gauge, which is represented by the phial located in the center of your HUD. The phial has multiple levels and can be charged by landing attacks on the monster.

Tip: Keep an eye on your switch gauge and try to maintain it at higher levels to maximize the effectiveness of your attacks.

Axe mode

Axe mode, on the other hand, sacrifices speed for power. This mode allows you to unleash devastating attacks that deal significant damage to your target. However, it is important to note that the switch gauge will slowly deplete in axe mode, so it’s crucial to switch back to sword mode to recharge it when necessary.

Tip: Use axe mode strategically when your target is vulnerable or when you want to deal massive damage to break parts of the monster.

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By understanding the different modes of the switch axe and how they function, you’ll be able to effectively switch between them in the heat of battle, maximizing your damage potential and keeping yourself one step ahead of your opponents.

Switch Axe Controls

Understanding the controls of the Switch Axe is essential to effectively discharge the weapon. The Switch Axe has two modes: the Axe mode and the Sword mode. Each mode has its own set of controls.

Axe Mode Controls

The controls for the Axe mode are as follows:

Basic Attack: Press the button assigned to your attack to perform a basic axe swing. This is a versatile attack that can be used in various situations.

Elemental Discharge: Hold down the button assigned to the special attack to charge up an Elemental Discharge attack. Release the button to unleash a powerful attack that deals heavy damage to the monster.

Sword Mode Controls

The controls for the Sword mode are as follows:

Vertical Slash: Press the button assigned to your attack to perform a vertical sword slash. This attack is fast and can hit high-reaching monsters.

Side Slash: Press the button assigned to your attack while moving to the side to perform a side slash. This attack is great for repositioning and dealing quick damage.

Zero Sum Discharge: Hold down the button assigned to the special attack to charge up a Zero Sum Discharge attack. While charging, you can move towards the monster to initiate the attack. This attack deals massive damage but leaves you vulnerable, so timing is key.

Mastering the controls of the Switch Axe will allow you to effectively discharge the weapon and deal maximum damage to monsters. Practice and experiment with different attacks to find the ones that work best for your playstyle.

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Types of switch axes

Switch axes are versatile weapons that can be used in a variety of combat situations. There are several types of switch axes, each with its own unique characteristics and playstyle.

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Power Phial

The Power Phial switch axe is known for its raw damage output. It excels at dealing high damage to monsters and is a favorite among players who prefer an aggressive playstyle. With the Power Phial, switch axes can unleash devastating combos and deal massive damage to enemies.

Elemental Phial

The Elemental Phial switch axe focuses on elemental damage. It is a great choice against monsters with specific elemental weaknesses. By utilizing the Elemental Phial, switch axes can exploit these weaknesses and deal additional damage to the monster. Players can swap out different Elemental Phials depending on the monster they are facing, maximizing their damage potential.

Power Element Phial

The Power Element Phial switch axe combines the characteristics of the Power Phial and Elemental Phial. It provides both high raw damage and elemental damage, making it a well-rounded choice. Players who prefer a balanced playstyle can benefit from the versatility of the Power Element Phial switch axe.

Switch axes in the Monster Hunter series are often categorized by their phial types, but there are also variations within each type. Some switch axes may have unique abilities or features that further differentiate them from others. It’s important for players to experiment with different types and find the one that suits their playstyle the best.

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Charging your Switch Axe

Charging your switch axe is an important mechanic to master in order to effectively use this powerful weapon in Monster Hunter. By properly charging your switch axe, you can unleash devastating attacks and deal massive damage to your enemies.

Powering Up Your Switch Axe

To charge your switch axe, you need to switch between its two modes: Axe Mode and Sword Mode. In Axe Mode, your switch axe has a slower attack speed but deals heavy damage with its wide swings. In Sword Mode, your switch axe becomes faster and deals continuous damage to your enemies.

To power up your switch axe, you need to charge your phial gauge by attacking in Axe Mode. Each successful attack in Axe Mode fills up your phial gauge, indicated by a glowing bar on your screen. Once your phial gauge is filled, you can switch to Sword Mode to unleash powerful attacks.

Discharging Your Switch Axe

After charging your switch axe, you can discharge it by performing an Amped Element Discharge (AED) or Super Amped Element Discharge (SAED) attack. The AED attack is performed by pressing the Triangle/Y button, followed by the Circle/B button, while in Sword Mode. The SAED attack is a more powerful version of the AED attack and is performed by holding down the Triangle/Y button, followed by the Circle/B button, while in Sword Mode.

Both the AED and SAED attacks consume your phial gauge and deal massive damage to your enemies. The SAED attack is particularly effective against large monsters or when you have a clear opportunity to unleash a devastating blow.

Remember, charging your switch axe and properly timing your discharges can significantly increase your damage output and help you take down even the toughest monsters in Monster Hunter. Practice your charging and discharging techniques to become a true switch axe master!

Using the sword mode

Switching to the sword mode is essential to effectively discharging the switch axe. In this mode, the hunter can unleash powerful combos and deal high damage to the target. Here are some key points to keep in mind when using the sword mode:

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Combo Attacks Description
Poke The poke attack is a quick thrust with the sword. It provides good reach and can be used to create openings in the monster’s defenses.
Overhead Slash The overhead slash is a powerful vertical strike that deals high damage. It is best used when the monster is staggered or vulnerable.
Double Slash The double slash is a two-hit combo that can quickly drain the switch axe’s phial gauge. It is ideal for unleashing bursts of damage.
Morph Attack The morph attack allows the hunter to seamlessly switch between the axe mode and sword mode. It can be used in combos to surprise and confuse the monster.

In addition to these combo attacks, the sword mode also has a special move called the “Elemental Discharge”. This move consumes a significant amount of the switch axe’s phial gauge but deals massive damage to the target. It is best used when the monster is immobilized or trapped.

Remember to manage your stamina and phial gauge when using the sword mode. Stamina is consumed with each attack, so it’s important to take breaks and use items or skills that can replenish it. The phial gauge gradually fills up over time, but can also be charged by landing attacks in the axe mode.

Mastering the sword mode of the switch axe is a crucial skill for any hunter. Practice your combo attacks, learn the optimal times to use the elemental discharge, and always be aware of your stamina and phial gauge. With time and experience, you’ll become a formidable force in battle.

Using the axe mode

The switch axe has two main modes: the sword mode and the axe mode. In this section, we will focus on using the axe mode effectively to discharge your switch axe.

1. Build up your meter: Before you can discharge your switch axe, you need to build up your meter. The meter charges up as you attack with your axe mode, so make sure to land hits on the monster to increase your meter. Keep an eye on the meter as it fills up.

2. Activate the Amped State: Once your meter is full, you can activate the Amped State by pressing the designated button. This will enhance your axe mode attacks and make them more powerful. The Amped State usually lasts for a limited time, so make sure to take advantage of it while it’s active.

3. Discharge your switch axe: To discharge your switch axe in axe mode, you need to perform the Wild Swing attack. This attack is performed by pressing the attack button while holding the dodge button. The Wild Swing attack will consume your meter and unleash a barrage of powerful attacks on the monster.

4. Follow up with combo attacks: After discharging your switch axe, you can follow up with a variety of combo attacks to deal even more damage to the monster. Experiment with different combos to find the ones that suit your play style and maximize your damage output.

Remember to manage your meter carefully and time your discharges effectively to make the most out of the switch axe’s axe mode. Practice using the axe mode in various hunts to become proficient in discharging your switch axe and dealing massive damage to your targets.

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