The toaster temperature

Toasters can be found in almost every household. But the information on most devices is often very sparse. Especially when it comes to temperature development. But the toaster temperature is very important to prevent fires.

Technical design relevant for temperature

Even the way toasters work is largely unknown. However, this is decisive for the temperature development. Basically, a distinction is made between cheap devices with simply alloyed, relatively thin glow wires and those with higher-quality alloyed wires that are additionally protected with mats.

Difference between high-quality and cheap toasters

In cheap toasters with high wattage, the wires burn out after a short time (a few years). Therefore, the power of the toaster in watts should definitely be based on its quality. High-quality toasters can therefore definitely have a little more power. The toast is then also roasted correspondingly faster.

How to determine the temperature of the toaster

Due to the many different designs, it is very difficult to precisely classify the toaster temperature. Therefore, it is better to use the laws of physics as a guide. According to this, red glowing starts at a good 500 degrees Celsius. If the wires in your toaster never glow, the temperature is correspondingly lower.

The design of the toaster is also decisive:

  • Long slot toaster
  • Double slot toaster

Of course, the farther the glowing wires are from the toast, the more heat is required to toast the toast.

Tips & Tricks

The heat that escapes above the toaster is no longer critical after about 50 cm to 100 cm. Below that, however, temperatures of more than 100 degrees Celsius can occur and pose a fire hazard if the toaster is placed close to the surface. Therefore, you should always use a toaster maximum freely upwards. With cheap devices also the housing becomes very hot. Place the device therefore also surrounding free to exclude fire hazards.

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