The toaster does not lock

When a toaster has a defect, in most cases it is the slider, which pushes the toast down, that no longer locks into place. This can be a small thing, but also an uneconomical damage. Below we explain why a toaster no longer latches, what can be done and what not.

Basic information about the toaster

The way toasters work is relatively simple. Nevertheless, repairing toasters is not always easy. Many devices can not be opened at all, because they were riveted or glued. There is a simple reason for this: usually buying a new toaster is much cheaper than buying the needed spare part and repair time.

Possible reasons why toasters no longer lock into place

However, if the slider from the toaster no longer latches, repair may be possible if necessary. However, this also depends on the design of the device. Basically, two different modes of operation are distinguished:

  • Toaster with a bimetal
  • Toaster with electronic control and magnet

Toaster with bimetal does not engage anymore

Here again two different defects can occur. Either the mechanism is bent and can therefore no longer engage. In addition, the bimetal spring can also be due to material fatigue. It is therefore only necessary to check whether the mechanism is bent.

If the bimetal has lost its functionality, there is no hope. Even with brand-name appliances with a good supply of spare parts, individual components are often many times more expensive than a new toaster model from the same manufacturer.

Toaster with electronic control no longer locks into place

Here, the causes can also be either very easy to fix or no longer worthwhile. Basically, there are three different possible causes that such a toaster no longer latches:

  • power supply interrupted
  • electronic control defective
  • magnet dirty

magnet without power

The first two causes have the same effect: in both cases the magnet is not supplied with power. So it must be checked whether there is a cable break. But even in the case of a simple cable break, the repair is not easy. The supply cable is often mounted in such a way, even in high-quality brand devices, that it cannot be dismantled. Therefore, only an experienced electrician should repair a broken cable.

If it is suspected that the toaster no longer engages because of a defective control unit, a new purchase via the manufacturer is either far too expensive or not possible at all. Only corresponding sales and bidding sites on the Internet could then help with used parts. Then however without warranty and security that the toaster functions again over years. Also this repair of a toaster should be carried out exclusively by a specialist.

Magnet works, but shows no effect

A very common defect, which can be easily repaired, is a dirty defect. Mostly due to incorrect handling when cleaning the toaster, the magnet becomes dirty. But also a misuse for heating other foods such as fish sticks leads to this. If the toaster can be opened, only the magnet needs to be cleaned.

When trying to repair or clean a toaster, always disconnect the power cable!

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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