The stainless steel pan burns? That does not have to be!

If you have problems with a great possibly expensive stainless steel pan, it may actually be due to excessive cleanliness. There are a few little tricks that almost completely prevent burning in the stainless steel pan. We’ll show you right here in the tricks how you can even scramble eggs with a stainless steel pan without any problems.

Source of error Washing up

Before using the pan for the first time, you should wash it once with hot water. However, you should avoid using detergent as much as possible. It is important that the pan is then rinsed with cold water and dried thoroughly with a lint-free tea towel.

Wipe out not wash

During the first few uses, it’s still possible that your fried food will burn a bit. Nevertheless, you should not wash the pans. The dishwasher is even worse for the surface. As unfamiliar as it is, you should put some oil in the pan instead of dishwashing liquid.

Then place the pan briefly on the hot stove and wait a small moment until the burnt-on residue comes off easily. You can then lift out coarse dirt with a spatula. Wipe out the remaining dirt from the pan with some kitchen paper. If the pan is very dirty or particularly baked on, you should simply repeat the process again.

Oil it to make it slide

You don’t need to put a lot of oil in the pan; the food you’re frying shouldn’t float. But the oil should be heat resistant and heated properly before your fried food goes into the pan. Afterwards, you should not stir it right away, but wait a bit. The fried food will often release almost on its own after a short frying time. You should generally not stir too much in a stainless steel pan and wait a bit before turning.

  • do not wash with detergent
  • only wipe out with kitchen paper
  • do not put in the dishwasher
  • brush with oil before frying
  • do not turn the food too early
It is not really necessary to properly bake a stainless steel pan. But with a little oil and potato peelings, a stainless steel pan can also be burned in sensibly. However, the pan must not be washed off afterwards either. In addition, the effect on a stainless steel pan will fade much faster than it will on a steel pan. Then this procedure must also be carried out again.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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