Stainless steel pot in the oven – one for everything

Stainless steel is all the rage in the kitchen. As a pot, pan or surface, stainless steel is simply indestructible. But whether a stainless steel pot is also suitable for the oven depends on several factors. Here we show you if and when a stainless steel pot is really suitable for use in the oven.

Stainless steel pots

Most stainless steel pots can handle temperatures of 500 degrees well. These temperatures are not reached in any normal kitchen oven. A problem can be an incorporated bottom core within the stainless steel pot. However, most cores can withstand these high temperatures because they are also exposed to high heat on a hot stove top.

Handles on the pot

The problem is usually the handles on the stainless steel pot. If they are not also stainless steel, they can melt. Most plastic handles cannot withstand much heat exposure. However, there are now stainless steel pots that have special heat-resistant plastic handles. Unless specifically noted on the original description of the pot, do not experiment.

  • Stainless steel pot basically suitable for oven
  • pay attention to the handles of the pot
  • pot tarnishes strongly and burns in

Cleaning the stainless steel

Even if the stainless steel pot does not take any damage in the oven, it becomes heavily soiled over a large area. This dirt is usually extremely baked on and difficult to remove. Subsequent cleaning often scratches and damages the stainless steel of the pot surface.

Gentle cleaning of the pot takes time when the pot has been baked with greasy dirt by the oven. Therefore, you should only put the stainless steel pot in the oven in case of emergency when nothing else is available.

It may be possible to put the stainless steel pot in the oven. However, whether that makes sense will be the second question. If possible, it is better to sauté only in a stainless steel pan or pot, and then transfer the food to an ovenproof dish made of glass or ceramic. Not only cleaning will be easier afterwards.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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