Sharpening knives with the grinding machine

You can sharpen knives in different ways. If you regularly have to sharpen many knives, you are very well advised to use an appropriate grinding machine. How to use a grinding machine optimally for knife sharpening, we have compiled for you in the following guide.

Different knife sharpening techniques

There are knives in every household. However, the sharpest knife becomes dull over time, analogous to the intensity of use. Then knives can also be sharpened again and thus sharpened. There are several methods how you can resharpen a knife:

  • Sharpen knives with sandpaper (fine-grained water sandpaper).
  • Sharpen knife with whetstone
  • Sharpen knife with whetstone
  • Sharpening a knife with a grinding machine (bench grinder)

How to sharpen a knife with a whetstone, we have described in detail for you in this linked guide. How to use a whetstone to sharpen a knife, on the other hand, we have described here. In the following we will show you how to sharpen a knife with a grinding machine.

Sharpening knives with a grinding machine dry or wet

When it comes to the grinding machine, you need to distinguish between the dry grinding machine and the wet grinding machine . In many DIY workshops you can find a dry grinding machine as a grinding bench.

Sharpening knives dry with the bench grinder

Basically, due to the high speed of a dry grinding wheel is very fast sharpening. However, this is also the disadvantage. The high speeds create a lot of friction during sharpening, which is dissipated as heat energy. The highly conductive metal of the blade can thus overheat and anneal very quickly.

If the knife blade is already blue, it is already too late. This process is like sintering, only unintentional and uncontrolled. The metal alloy becomes hard and brittle. As a result, a knife that has just been sharpened with an annealed or blue-annealed edge very quickly becomes dull again. Therefore, we describe the grinding of a knife below on a wet grinder.

Grinding and sharpening knives with a wet grinding machine

To grind the knife, you can still purchase additional tools for the wet grinding machine or it is even included in the delivery. This is a holder in which the knife can be clamped not only transversely. This holder guides the workpiece to the wet grinding wheel at an angle that is precisely set via a scale.

To do this, however, you must first determine the fiber angle of the knife edge. The blade is beveled at the cutting edge. As a rule, the bevel runs from each side of the blade at a defined angle to the center, where it then “intersects” with the bevel on the opposite side. This angle must be restored to at least the same angle on both sides. Better yet, at the actual bevel angle that the blade had at the factory. You will need an angle gauge to determine this angle.

If possible, the speed of the grinding wheel is now set in addition to the grinding angle. Then the cutting edge is ground on each side until both bevels meet again in the center. However, using a wet grinder like this only makes sense if you really sharpen a lot of knives or other tools.

Of course, you will also find detailed information on sharpening other tools in the house journal. Here we show you how to sharpen an axe or a split hammer.

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