Repair the toaster

The toaster is taken for granted in many households. Only when it no longer works does it come to mind. But can a toaster be repaired at all? The answer is not simple. Partly you can repair a toaster, partly not. In many cases, however, toaster repair is not worth it.

Possible damage to a toaster

In many households, the toaster is used every day. Nevertheless, only a few owners know something about the functioning of their toaster. However, a toaster can have different defects:

  • Toaster no longer locks into place
  • Toaster does not get hot anymore
  • Toaster ejects too fast or too late

Toaster no longer latches

The fact that the toaster no longer engages is a relatively common defect. Therefore, we have dedicated a separate article to this damage pattern. There you will learn in detail what to do if the toaster no longer latches. The damage may or may not be repairable.

Toaster no longer gets hot

If the toaster no longer gets hot or only a little warm, there could be a cable break. But also one of the heating wires could be damaged. A dirty heating wire due to misuse is also conceivable. For the correct cleaning of toasters, we have therefore provided a detailed guide article here.

Repair is problematic in any case. The power cable cannot be replaced on many toasters. The heating coils are protected by mats in high-quality devices. In addition, there are numerous toasters that basically can not be opened.

Toaster ejects too early or too late

It can happen that the toaster suddenly ejects too early or too late. In this case, before repairing, it must first be considered whether the device is equipped with a bimetal mechanism or control electronics.

In the case of the former, the mechanism is often bent. If the toaster can be opened, this defect can be easily repaired. In most cases, the mechanism is not broken, but only the linkage for setting the time is bent.

Before repairing the toaster note

For many repairs, you need to compare the cost-benefit. Today, toasters even from well-known brand manufacturers are sometimes so cheap to buy that a repair is hardly worthwhile. Often, the price of even small components of a complete new device exceeds a multiple.

Tips & Tricks

Please always disconnect the power cord before attempting to repair the toaster. In principle, the repair of electrical appliances should only be carried out by a specialist. Otherwise there is a danger to life!

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