Rent a coffee machine: The most important facts in brief

Renting a coffee machine has many advantages over buying a new one. Find out below what these are and what you should look out for when renting a coffee machine.

The tax advantage of renting a coffee machine for commercial use

A fully automatic coffee machine costs a lot of money. Now you may think that if you buy a fully automatic coffee machine for your office, you can write it off against tax. This is true, but if your machine costs more than 410 pounds, you have to write it off as a collective item over five years. This means that the expenditure is written off at 20% over each of the five years.

You can get around this by borrowing a coffee machine. You can deduct the expenses for the loan as business expenses in the same year.

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For whom is it worthwhile to rent a coffee machine?

  • You are an entrepreneur and want to deduct the expenses from your taxes in the same year.
  • You want to try out different models and then possibly decide to buy one. This is also worthwhile for private users.
  • Renting a fully automatic coffee machine is worthwhile if you only need the machine temporarily, e.g. for larger events, because fully automatic coffee machines can also be rented for just a few days.
  • You want to try out how the fully automatic coffee machine is accepted in your office and whether a permanent purchase would be worthwhile.

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What should you look out for when renting a coffee machine?

What should you look out for when renting a coffee machine?

Since you are not buying the machine, but only using it temporarily, and others have done the same before you, it is possible that you will get a second-hand machine.

Check the condition

Ideally, you should inspect the appliance before delivery or on delivery – especially the interior – and make sure that the coffee machine is in good condition. This is less about technical defects, which you as a layman will not be able to detect anyway, than about cleanliness. Make sure that there are no mouldy coffee residues inside the machine.

Check services

Read the small print! Does the price include any maintenance or repairs? Especially if you are renting the machine for a longer period of time, it is important that you have a competent contact person in case of problems who can offer you a quick solution, preferably free of charge.

The price

The monthly rental price usually consists of a fixed rate and the actual use: So, for example, £20 for the rent and £0.05 per cup of coffee brewed.

You want to buy a fully automatic coffee machine, but don’t want to wait five years until it’s written off? Why not opt for leasing? Find out here how it works and what it costs.

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