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Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black

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Best value Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black
Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine... & Free shipping
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Last updated on May 25, 2022 7:52 am
Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black
Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black



Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black. From the model Siemens.

  • SIMPLE TOUCH OPERATION – Simply put together each espresso and milk beverage on the contact of a button with the oneTouch operate and CoffeeDirect panel.
  • MILK FROTHER ARM: Foams the milk in your cup for excellent cappuccinos and lattes. Merely add milk to the cup and froth it. The milk frother can simply be eliminated and is dishwasher secure.
  • GRIND THE PERFECT COFFEE – This espresso machine grinds the proper aroma out of each bean thanks to ceramDrive excessive-high quality ceramic grinders.
  • BARISTA QUALITY COFFEE proper at dwelling: Siemen’s iAroma System delivers the best flavours to every cup thanks to a mix of optimum preparation and seamless espresso machine expertise.
  • OPTIMAL DRINK TEMPERATURE: The Siemens Bean to Cup Coffee Machine has SensoFlow System ensures an optimum drink temperature is persistently achieved; enhancing the style of each espresso bean.

Additional information

Specification: Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black



Model Number



‎Eq.300 – Silver&black

Product Dimensions

‎43.3 x 25.1 x 38.3 cm, 7.27 Kilograms


‎1.4 litres

Power Wattage

‎1300 watts





Auto Shutoff


Number of Speeds


Special Features

‎CeramDrive, iAroma System, Included accessories: 1x test strip, CoffeeDirect panel, oneTouch function, Programmes: 5 – Cappuccino, Coffee, Espresso, Latte Macchiato, milk foam

Item Weight

‎7.27 kg

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Siemens TI353201GB Bean to Cup Fully Automatic Freestanding Coffee Machine – Silver & Black

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  1. goldeagle111


    After just over a month of using the milk foamer appears to have failed; I already said in my original review that it was a bit intermittent but now has lost the ability to create foam completely. It will still steam milk but nothing else. Based on other reviews it seems like this isn’t an isolated fault with the product. Hoping it won’t be an overly lengthy process to get sorted


    Overall I’m relatively happy with this espresso machine, it achieves my main objective of buying it which was to produce a quick cappuccino with minimal effort.

    First the Pro’s and Con’s for anyone who doesn’t want to read the full review…

    – very quick and convenient for when time is a factor – not sure you can get much quicker than this
    – looks pretty good on the counter
    – generally all laid out well and user-friendly
    – comes apart easily for cleaning
    – makes fair quality espresso-based drinks
    – milk steam/foam function is good and doesn’t require a separate milk vessel as others do
    – offers a variety of different drinks at the touch of a button (although see Cons!)

    – small volume of water ejected into cup immediately prior to espresso being poured (my biggest gripe)
    – no Americano drink option and no hot water function
    – occasionally milk foaming doesn’t seem to work properly and gives very low foam
    – no information in instructions on the different drink options (i.e. what are the variables)
    – varying the grind setting is challenging

    I decided to upgrade my espresso machine with one main aim – to produce an espresso as quickly as possible to that I can make a fresh cappuccino in the morning before leaving for work.

    The main feature that drew me to this machine compared to other similar priced bean-to-cup machines was the milk foaming option – unlike other machines (which either require a separate milk vessel or manual steaming of milk with a wand) this machine foams the milk in the cup as part of the drink-making process.

    So in terms of meeting my key aim this machine definitely does this – I can make a very quick, fairly nice tasting cappuccino. You stick a cup with some milk in the bottom under the machine, press one button and a couple of minutes later you have a cappuccino. Not sure it will win any awards for ability to make a top quality espresso but that’s not why I bought the machine (if I wanted that I would have bought something more manual that allows a lot of tweaking of variables).

    Some observations to be aware of:

    – The machine has a cleaning cycle as you would expect, both when you first switch on the machine each day and then when it goes into standby after use. If you just let the cleaning water (there is a fair amount of it) eject into the drip tray, you will be emptying the tray every day. I now leave a cup stuck under the nozzle permanently to collect all the waste water; not ideal but preferable to a continuously full drip tray

    – my BIGGEST bugbear for this machine is that it ejects some water immediately before pouring the espresso. The line running from the ‘portafilter’ to where the drink is ejected is quite long, so after cleaning it holds some water in the line. This water then gets ejected into your cup just as the espresso is being made. It may not be a huge volume, but when making an espresso which itself is a very small volume of liquid, you really don’t want extra water added to it. I now tend to move the cup out the way in between foaming the milk and the espresso being poured so that the unwanted water ejects into the drip tray – not ideal as it defeats the purpose of being able to press a button and walk away.

    – I wish the instructions gave a full description (or even any description) of what each of the drink options actually produces. Yes, I can guess what a cafe crema or latte machiato is, but it would be really nice if the instructions sets out exactly what the machine does to make them.

    – no Americano drink option! Which I can’t understand. Also no hot water available from the machine which seems like a significant oversight in a coffee machine

    – changing grinding settings is a bit of a challenge and difficult to make any fine adjustment. You can only change the grind setting during the 3 or 4 seconds grinding is taking place whilst making a drink, and it can feel like you are going to break the dial when trying to move it. As everything is self-contained you can never see how the grind output actually looks (not a complaint, just an observation) – unless you dry out the pucks,

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  2. Rich

    Bought this as a Christmas present to ourselves having grown tired of paying through the nose for inferior coffee from our old Nespresso machine.

    We have not been disappointed. Using quality beans the espresso is excellent with a good crema. The milk based coffees are also very good, and we particularly like the one-touch latte program which saves mucking about with different cups or jugs for milk and coffee.

    Only downside is that the drip tray needs emptying rather often, particularly because the machine pumps water through itself when going into standby around 25 minutes after use. But by keeping a pot under the nozzles after making coffee this is alleviated to some extent.

    Overall we are delighted with the machine, and it has drawn some envy from recent visitors who have a Delonghi machine.

    Edit – we have now had the machine 6 months and the coffee grinder has broken, so it’s being sent to Siemens to fix it. 6 months is not very good longevity!

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  3. Richard Mallett

    I’ve been looking for a decent bean-to-cup machine for a while now, to replace my pod machine. Not wanting to pay full price, I’ve bought through Amazon Warehouse – and in the past had a disappointing result with two Delonghi Eletta machines (both were faulty). So when I saw one of the these machines come up for a good price, I thought it was time to try again.

    Firstly, when you look at this machine you don’t initially think it does a one-touch latte – but it does. The milk frother is right in the middle, on the front, and slides down into the milk in your cup (check Youtube for videos). Once that’s done, a single press selects your milk-based coffee drink and it froths-away, then grinds & ‘pours’ the coffee. The frother is easily removed, cleaned, and put back on again afterwards.

    In fact, I prefer this frothing method to the old one on my pod machine (which had a tank of milk that you had to keep in the fridge). I no longer need fridge-space for it, nor do I have to worry about the milk going off, nor do I need to clean it – since this machine doesn’t need one. So what you think is a down-side to this machine (since you expect there to be a milk tank) is actually a big benefit. Also, I no longer need to pre-heat my coffee cup – the frother does a good job of heating the milk as well, provided you don’t add too much cold milk in the first place.

    The (faulty) Eletta machines I tried (first one didn’t pump water, second didn’t clear itself of previous coffee pucks!) were bigger and noisier than this one – so I’m kind of pleased that they had to go back. Internally, they had mechanisms that moved the grinder up & down the machine – this one doesn’t (it remains stationary). So I guess that means higher reliability for this machine as there’s less to go wrong.

    Overall, after 2 weeks of owning and using this machine every day I’m very pleased with my purchase. I’ve made the switch from pods!

    Edit: Unit still going strong, but sometimes I found it difficult to get decent frothed milk (from semi-skimmed). Only when I noticed that this coincided with organic milk did I realise that this was the problem. Apparently the pasteurisation process for organic milk affects the proteins that are needed for a decent froth. As soon as I switch back to non-organic, a decent froth was restored!

    My froth started getting worse and even non-existent at time, but after investigating I eventually found out why – and it’s all due to the need for the frothing system to pull-in air to mix with the steam. There were two reasons for that air to fail to be mixed:
    1) Where the frothing nozzle rubber ‘plugs into’ the unit’s plastic plug, it’s possible for scale/milk residue to accumulate in a small groove on the right-hand side of that plug. Once that’s blocked, your froth can suffer or even disappear completely as that’s where the air is sucked in. So keep that groove unblocked (and I don’t think this is covered in the manual!).
    2) If the frothing nozzle rubber makes too tight a fit at the top of that plug, then again it seems like this restricts the air that can come in to be mixed with the steam. Again, I think this is down to scale/milk residue building up over time.

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  4. Bob Kemp

    My De longhi coffee maker packed up after 2 years needed another thought i would try something different so i bought the Siemens EQ 300 .vast difference from the De longhi much quieter better build quality and great taisting coffee love its ease to use just hold the button for your desired coffee for 3 seconds and you can pour out the biggest cup you want just press button again to stop really pleased with this machine coffee shop quality at home looks great nice big water tank easy to fill just slide it out put under tap it also has a lid so you can tip in water from a bottle or water filter highly recommend this coffee maker 😊👌

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