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Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…

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Editor choice Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…
(11 customer reviews)
Huepar BOX-1G Green Laser Level with Pulse Mode, 0.2mm Pro... & Free shipping
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Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…
Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…



Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Field-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…. From the model Huepar.

  • ⭐HIGH ACCURACY&CROSS-LINE LASER:This laser device adopts extremely shiny inexperienced beam with ± 1/13 inch at 33Ft excessive accuracy. It initiatives one 130° Horizontal and one 150° Vertical line for a big selection of leveling and alignment functions. This laser too is good for paving tiles, putting in picture, door, window, or furnishings carpentry, hanging wallpaper, and so on.
  • ⭐MULTIFUNCTIONAL LASER TOOL:Customers canselect Cross strains, Horizontal or Vertical line by one button operation. With good pendulum system, this laser device self ranges and signifies out-of-stage situation whereas pendulum unlocked. As soon as pendulum locked, it switches to handbook mode to lock strains for alignment at any angle. Pulse mode extends the working vary as much as 150Ft with Huepar laser receiver in shiny gentle or out of doors situations.
  • ⭐LONGER WORKING TIME: Huepar laser device employed 4 AA alkaline batteries for longer working time. The laser device will work for five hours whereas all laser beams on with completely new batteries. It is suggested to switch with giant-capability rechargeable batteries or alkaline battery above 1500mAh for every.
  • ⭐MAGNETIC BRACKET&DURABLE DESIGN: The included sturdy magnetic L form bracketallows for attachment to metallic surfaces and switch the laser stage round at 180°. The laser device additionally offers1/4″-20 mounting threadsto go well with for normal tripod or laser pole mounts. Moreover, the general TPR smooth rubber housing in addition to compact design makes the laser device extra sturdy and moveable.
  • ⭐KIT CONTENTS&WARRANTY: This line laser stage equipment comes with BOX-1G laser stage device, 180°L form magnetic pivoting base, 4 AA batteries, moveable pouch, laser goal plate, person handbook. One-yr guarantee will be prolonged to 2 years if registered as a royal buyer (Guides provided on the package deal field).

Additional information

Specification: Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…



Part Number


Item Weight

‎1.32 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎3.74 x 2.28 x 3.35 inches

Item model number



‎4 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎Green Beam


‎Self-leveling Cross-line Laser Level BOX-1G



Installation Method

‎Self-leveling and Manual mode

Item Package Quantity


Performance Description

‎Self-leveling time within 3s

Measurement Accuracy

‎± 1/13 In. at 33 Ft.

Mounting Type


Switch Style

‎Slide switch

Special Features

‎Green-line, Self-Leveling, Cross-line, Manual mode, Pulse Mode


‎Commercial/Residential/Indoor/Outdoor/Construction/DIY/Picture hanging/Drywall

Included Components

‎1 X Huepar BOX-1G laser level, 1 X Magnetic pivoting Base, 1 X Laser target, 4 X AA Batteries, 1 X Cloth case, 1 X English User's Manual

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type


Description Pile


Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Self-leveling Laser Level – Huepar Box-1G 150ft/45m Outdoor Green Cross Line Laser Level with Vertical Beam Spread Covers of 150°, Selectable Laser…

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  1. Gav

    It works as advertised and it looks to be built very sturdily. I haven’t formally tested the accuracy but some informal checks with a bubble level didn’t identify any inaccuracy.

    The laser is very bright indoors in a room well-lit by ambient daylight or artificial light. It’s dazzling enough that I’m careful not to look into the laser light coming from the level as I’m paranoid about damaging my eyes. It will do a cross-line, level line, and plumb line (not completely vertical, though, so you can’t use it as a plumb bob to the ceiling and floor directly above and below). There’s a model with plumb dots if you want that function.

    I’m pleased – it does the job and it does it well. It casts the line quite high and wide, particularly if you’re working indoors.

    I strongly suggest getting a tripod to mount it on, though. This isn’t a shortcoming of the laser level, just a practical tip. If you’re trying to place the laser line along a very specific path (i.e. you don’t want to measure off of it to mark, you want to use the line to mark directly), trying to raise the level to the exact right height by improvising a platform and shimming the level is time-consuming. AmazonBasics sells a cheap (like $20?) tripod that will work with this laser level and while it’s only 5′ or so, you can build (or buy) a tripod extension rod pretty easily.

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  2. ed lamb

    Mine has been running for 8 hours per day, 6 days a week for weeks now with no issues. It’s even survived a drop off a 6 foot ladder with no effect on accuracy. How can you not love that. Brighter than my $300 dollar cross-hair lasers, and very easy to see. I even bought another one as a backup in case it doesn’t survive my next drop off a ladder…but so far taken a beating and keeps working. I’ve been running it off rechargeable NiMH batteries fine if anyone is interested because it will chew through batteries running 8 hours each day.

    This literally might be my most used, and favorite product I’ve purchased off Amazon.

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  3. Running RN

    I worked as a general contractor for 14 years. I have owned several of the larger site lasers. None of them are visible during the day with out a laser detector. The same with this laser. If you think you will see the laser outside in daylight without a detector you are mistaken. It doesn’t work that way.

    This straight line detector is awesome. Indoors it works perfect. The green laser is super accurate and very bright. The laser blinks when setting up to inform you that it is not within spec to provide an accurate line. The magnet base is a very nice addition and well thought out. The magnets are strong enough to attach to drywall screws hidden in your dry wall or the corner bead on any outside corner of an internal wall.

    The only complain is the laser does not come with a rechargeable power cell. It uses easy to find and cheap AA batteries.

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  4. spcad

    Just finished installing a kitchen and this came in useful multiple times for leveling units (see photo with laser line along kitchen units top), installing handles, installing the vent and oven in line with the vent pipe, initial planning of the kitchen layout before, checking flatness of the ceiling (wasn’t flat) and floor (was) and walls (nope!). I even had my brother in law come help and he used it and was shocked at the price as he uses the DeWalt version at work.

    I love gadgets, especially when they pay for themselves in time (it saved a lot of time). Used the unit itself a lot, super good it uses batteries, the magnetic attachment came in super useful and the magnets are strong (will pull off paint from a metal wall edge if you are not careful), I didn’t need or use the plastic target.

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  5. MR Cart

    We studied much before making a decision to buy this new tool… convinced that a green beam laser was the way to go, making a purchase was out of the question due to the cost and mixed reviews. Then we were led to the Huepar Box – 1G, the cost, less than $60… along with the amazon basic tripod, we began to use our laser level on the job. At first we were double checking every laser line, looking for problems, (yes i had my doubts), looking for out of level, etc., on average a 20 – 30′ span we were well within 1/16 – 1/8″. We are currently working in an old structure where very little is level and plumb… using our 1G laser has become much more simple… the self leveling throws a beam we can rely on… and the green beam, let us say this… with very bright sunlight coming through the windows, we were still able to make out the green beam, though diminished due to the brightness, we could still continue our work. We are well pleased with the 1G laser level.

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  6. Joshua

    I used the horizontal plane of this laser level to determine where to add soil to adjust a yard area to a uniform very slight slope. I used a makeshift stadia rod made from a tape measure clipped to a scrap aluminum extrusion. Even in bright sun, I could see the green line on the stadia rod up to 25 feet from the laser by casting a shadow on the rod with my hand or the clipboard I was plotting elevations on. As another reviewer said, it helped to know roughly where the line would be, and by 25 feet from the laser it was very faint, but still just visible enough to read once I found it. Later in the day, as the sunlight faded, the laser was bright enough to see easily over much longer distances.
    Unlike another reviewer, I received my level in the “locked” position, as it should be, so I was not too worried about its calibration. Just to be sure, I tested its calibration immediately indoors and found its error too small to detect at all (that is, within the 2-3 mm width of the laser line) at 40 feet, which I figured was plenty good enough for leveling dirt… so good that I probably got lucky with this particular unit.
    Here is how I tested: Set the level up on a tripod next to one indoor wall. Mark the horizontal line on the near wall; turn the level and mark the opposite wall. Move the tripod to next to the opposite wall and adjust the height until the line matches the level marked there. Then rotate the level and compare the laser line on the first wall to the original mark on it. The difference is the total error over the round-trip distance from the first setup point, to the second, and back. So if you see a 1/8″ difference with the two tripod setups 20 feet apart, the error is actually about 1/8″ in 40 feet. I could not detect enough error to measure it.)
    I used four old 1900 mAh rechargeable AA batteries, turning the laser on only periodically when needed for measuring or for short periods of work with frequent checking. After two days of work and two nights of leaving the batteries in the unit overnight (turned off, of course), the batteries are roughly half discharged. If I had to leave the laser on continuously for a job, I would bring a second set of batteries and charge them while I used the first, just to be sure. But if you use the laser to lay out pencil marks or take elevations periodically, turning it off at other times, then battery use does not seem to be a problem.
    This level comes with a small stand-up scale for leveling floors or other surfaces that you set the level on directly. This is a essentially a very short, self-supported stadia rod with a zero mark at the height of the horizontal laser above the unit’s feet. The level also comes with a magnetic bracket so you can easily mount the laser to ferrous surfaces. I found the magnets more than sufficient to securely support the laser on the door or sides of my refrigerator. The included soft, slightly padded case holds the laser and both accessories with moderate protection. You could even jam in an extra set of batteries. As some other reviewers note, the manual is very brief, but this tool is pretty simple and does not require anything more. The manual does not explain the floor-leveling scale or the magnetic bracket, but if you can’t figure them out, you probably don’t need them.
    One can pay a lot more for this kind of tool, but unless you really need longer range in bright sunlight or want to be able to calibrate it yourself, this one will do the same job.

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  7. Dr. O

    I’m new to carpentry and at work all the boys use a DeWalt laser level. Originall that’s what I shopped around for but didn’t want to spend $300+. After reading reviews on this laser I decided to take a chance on it. It’s fantastic so far! Great ceiling range. Love the pendulum lock which is very handy when you’re not using it. Green laser is also WAY better than red for visibility. All the big brand companies are now going green and charging an arm and a leg for them. The magnet attachment is also great for hanging off corner beads. Also I read that it only shows cross lines but this is not true.
    You can alternate between horizontal only, vertical only, or cross line. Overall 10/10. Also literally came the next day even though it said a week to deliver. Win!!!

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  8. Richard

    I’m going to have to raise a BS flag on the 150 ft range claim. I used this outdoors this past weekend… more like 10 ft. I needed to find a level line for the walkway in the front of my house. The front of the house points north, so I was in full shade. The longest span of the walkway was 30 ft. I held a white sheet of paper to see the green laser line better. I would start at about 2 ft from the laser, and then start walking further and further away. By 10 ft range, I had to be moving the paper to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting the incredibly faint green line… that was 10 ft away… in shade! At 15 ft range, I’m guessing at the green line on the paper… it’s really not visible. I haven’t tried it at night… but, there’s very little work I can imagine attempting in the dark of night.

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  9. Running RN

    great if you are someone who plans to do their outdoors work in the middle of the night, otherwise a complete waste of money.
    You can’t see the laser in bright, normal or dull weather.

    The whole point of paying for a self leveling leveler with a 100′ plus range is clearly outdoor use, i mean who has a 100′ room to tile?

    The result is i can’t use this product so i have to return. instead i will just make a water level which i have done in the past and they work during the day… (which is kind of when you want it work)

    to be fair if you are just going to work indoors and for some reason want a long distance leveler this might work for you …

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  10. suzannec

    I purchased this unit to help with a kitchen tiling job where we used the stretcher bond pattern to layout the tiles. For the job, I used both my DeWALT DW088K and my new Huepar Box 1G to align each tile row properly, Although, the DW088K cost twice as much, the Huepar unit was brighter and as precise as the more expansive model. I don’t see the need to pay more for a leveling laser when the Huepar device can get the job done just as well.

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  11. spcad

    Works great — only issue is it doesn’t quite reach the vertical line straight above the unit, which they show in the product images… and you can’t get away with this by angling it (as the image shows) as then it doesn’t self level. So I’ll be returning it for a slightly more expensive one with the full vertical line.

    Great unit, super well built — nice and bright sharp green line easily visible inside during the day.

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