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Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking & 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean – Black

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Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer:... & Free shipping
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Last updated on May 25, 2022 7:40 am
Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking & 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean – Black
Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking & 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean – Black


(*5*) K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking & 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean – Black. From the model (*5*).

  • Product 1: Observe: UK Buyer Help quantity 01295 234 020. NEW – Uncover helpful ideas from (*5*) consultants with our Home & Backyard App, comparable to the suitable pressure in your cleansing activity – individually tailored to your machine.
  • Product 1: NEW – Cleansing has by no means been so sensible. The suitable pressure for every cleansing activity will be transferred from the app to your machine by way of Bluetooth very quickly in any respect – for the optimum cleansing outcome.
  • Product 1: Further energy with Further Enhance – Even cussed, caught grime is loosened very quickly with the Enhance mode. Activated by way of gun or app, it releases an extra 15 bar.
  • Product 1: The highly effective resolution – The K 5 tackles a variety of cleansing duties on autos, backyard instruments, balcony and backyard furnishings, fences and paths, stairs and stone partitions relaxed and effortlessly.
  • Product 2: Pratical 1l plug & clear container
  • Product 2: Energetic grime dissolver
  • Product 2: Efficent algae and climate protector
  • Product 2: Good for utilizing on terraces, partitions and facades

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Specification: Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking & 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean – Black


‎+ Stone Plug and Clean

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5 reviews for Kärcher K 5 Premium Smart Control Home high pressure washer: Innovative Bluetooth app linking & 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean – Black

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  1. CS/Surrey

    My reason for writing the review is to say that as an experienced Karcher user (this is my 5th), this is by far the best so far and despite other less-favorable reviews on this site, Karcher have improved this model over previous ones. It is FAR better than a 2017 K5 I had previously, which finally stopped working this spring (and after 5 tortuous years using it, I did wonder if I would stay with Karcher – but I am glad I did).
    Specifically, for the Karcher K5 Premium (Smart Control):
    1. It is quieter.
    2. The 3 in 1 jet wash attachment is much better than the previous set of jet attachments; the most powerful previous jet attachment (with the rotary wash) regularly had to be replaced three times as the ball race failed – I am sure many others found the same.
    3. The effectiveness of the pressure washer with either the 3in1 or patio cleaner head was better (best results I have had short of a professional power cleaner).
    4. The reel on the Premium model, to hold the pressure hose, is the best solution so far – yes the hose as usual (with all pressure washers in my experience) is like wresting a boa-constrictor, but it does wind in using the reel and it is relatively easy to pull out for use. You do have to straighten it by wrestling with the hose to uncoil it (every time), but it does store well and as I say I haven’t found a better solution on a system yet.
    5. Works well with all previous attachments form recent K series Karcher washers.

    There are a few niggles:
    a. Like others found, it took a lot of effort to get it to pair with my phones bluetooth.
    b. Like others found, I am really not sure it needs a smart interface at all – it works just fine without the app (but you will need to pair it to get the manual use of the smart head to adjust the settings and see them on the LCD display).

    Overall, its early days but I am pleased with it and the discount during the Prime Sale makes it good value for money.

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  2. Janusz Tokarz

    bluethoot handle its a right pain in back it won’t connect so decided not to use it with phone, can not think of anything else that I can do to make it connect, or it could possibly be a faulty one that Im having don’t know but its useless, also main carry handle retracts so easy that you can’t move it about with only pull no push.
    that lance head you twist to change surface that you planning to clean should have some guide or arrows of which way to put it on as you can put it two ways one way makes it completelly useless as you cant tell what have you choose, main hose as it goes thru yellow case from back rail to the front has no guides or rollers so it scrubbs front case in longer run it may cause an issues to high pressure holse eventually also rail with holse not as smooth to retract you got to fiddle about with to make it back.

    Overall I think for that sort of money paid it can be a lot better quality product made karcher thumbs down for this one for you… won’t get another one if I have to…

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  3. Jake Eley

    I think I have some genuinely helpful buyers advice:

    1. Dont buy this version, or any version with the hose ‘reel’ on the back. The reel makes reeling in the hose more difficult because it (predictably) gets stuck. The main issue though, is that it reels the hose too tight, so even when it’s unravelled it’s still all curly and kinked and very difficult to handle. Theres a few versions without the reel.

    2. Buy a lighter version. If you are at all going to move this from one place to another it’s a pain. Additionally, ou’ll end up picking it up to get it over crack/steps (instead of wheeling it) and slosh water all over your shoes.

    3. The digital lance / app part adds absolutely nothing to the user experience. Best to buy a cheaper version without it.

    4. Don’t use the Karcher detergent bottles. Two car washes kills a £7 bottle of car wash detergent when you use it in the built in / plug in detergent dispenser. Best to buy a version which can take detergent in a different way (again, cheaper versions).


If you want the most power but not the above problems it looks like the one called the K7 Compact is the best on to go for.

Additionally, Karcher left out the correct bolts to assemble the unit and when I asked to send replacements the customer service robots answering the emails sent me the wrong bolts 3 times in a row even though I literally provided part skus and photos.… so maybe there is a better company doing this than Karcher.

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  4. Nick Butcher

    I bought this as an ‘upgrade’ to my 7 year old K4 as it was on offer at around £260.

    The new ‘multi-jet’ lance is a lot more convenient than switching between the different lances on the old machine but the whole ‘Smart Control’ thing is little more than a gimmick.

    The Bluetooth app would not link at all to my iPhone (12 Pro). I don’t know whether that’s to do with the machine having some weird Bluetooth protocol but my iPhone never fails to link to other stuff so I’m assuming that Karcher have just screwed-up here. I doubt that I’ll miss this feature.

    On the whole, it’s not a great upgrade and if I’d paid more for it I’d be seriously regretting the purchase.

    As is usual these days, the build quality is not as good as the old machine which, in turn, was not as good as the previous one that I’d had for about 15 years.

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  5. D. A. Taylor

    The media could not be loaded.

     I needed to upgrade an old K4 model which was good but the cables (too short and no where to store them) were very annoying – and initially I was a little put off by the reviews talking about the complexity of the instructions but I didn’t need to have been.

    Once the washer arrived I downloaded the Karcher App and scanned the QR code, which registered the product but more importantly showed me a step by step set up guide, which was totally fine to follow.

    The washer itself is slightly quieter than by old one, and is SO powerful. It’s easy to use, had great results and the cables (nice and long) have somewhere to go when not in use.

    Totally recommended.

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