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Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah Battery-Powered Power Washer with Digital Display Screen for…

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Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah... & Free shipping
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Last updated on May 25, 2022 7:14 am
Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah Battery-Powered Power Washer with Digital Display Screen for…
Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah Battery-Powered Power Washer with Digital Display Screen for…


Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah Battery-Powered Power Washer with Digital Display Screen for…. From the model Fixnow.

  • 【PORTABLE and Highly effective PRESSURE WASHER】 Max 600PSI with max 1.1GPM move price. [Fixnow Upgraded Version] transportable strain cleaner is highly effective sufficient with 15.6A*24V Lithium battery.(The two.6Ah marked on the battery pack is the capability of 1 battery. We have now 6 batteries with a brilliant capability of 15.6Ah.) Cordless, Light-weight and Compact design can journey wherever. You should utilize our energy washer machine to wash vehicles, driveways, fences in minutes. A 20ft hose is straightforward to retailer.
  • 【STEPLESS HUMANIZED DESIGN NOZZLE】 Our excessive strain washer options the adjustable stepless nozzle: From 0°~180° and bathe mode, it may be adjusted in accordance with your wants, which is extra free than the 5-in-1 nozzle! As well as, we additionally present adjustable move cleaning soap bottle. A number of spray nozzle allows you to change between various levels of water stream depth that allows you to simply and shortly clear all of your outside areas and equipment.
  • 【MULTIPLE-FUNCTIONS AND APPLICATION】 In contrast with conventional washing machines, our merchandise are transportable and extra lighter. It’s the only option for outside tenting and lengthy journeys. Cleansing and upkeep of varied motor autos, the outside partitions of buildings, flooring, baths, swimming swimming pools, doorways and home windows, and corners which are troublesome to wash manually.
  • 【FIXNOW ADVANCED INTELLIGENT BATTERY CHIP】Fixnow skilled chip can improve the output capability of the battery, enhance the working efficiency, keep away from pointless energy consumption, stabilize the present and lengthen the battery life
  • 【ABUNDANT ACCESSORIES】Together with: 24V 15.6Ah battery X1; Multifunctional Nozzle X1; Cleaning soap Bottle X1; 25L Folding Bucket X1; 20 Ft Hose X1; Automotive Wash Gloves X1; Coral Fleece Towel X1; 25W Quick Charger X1; Hose Clamp X1; Storage bag X1; Instruction X1.

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Specification: Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah Battery-Powered Power Washer with Digital Display Screen for…

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‎46.29 x 25.9 x 24.7 cm, 4.4 Kilograms

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‎Battery Powered



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4 reviews for Fixnow 500E Cordless Pressure Washer, 24V 700PSI-1.1GPM Portable Power Cleaner,15.6Ah Battery-Powered Power Washer with Digital Display Screen for…

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  1. Amazon Customer

    The media could not be loaded.

     First impression:
    👀 You certainly get a lot in the box with this kit. About the only thing you don’t get is the detergent! The box has 3 layers of parts starting with the main parts of the washer itself. There are two lances, one for general cleaning and rinsing down and the other for applying soap. There is a portable bucket and hose assembly and the connector to the sprayer is a standard garden hose type. I am going to use this on the car, although I already have a larger, mains powered model for deep cleaning paths, it is a lot of bother setting up and harder to lug about. It also uses more water than this portable model. I am also going to use it on a caravan where portability is key.

    ⭐ In the box you get the main pressure washer body.
    ⭐ Spray lance.
    ⭐ Detergent container with lance.
    ⭐ Suction hose.
    ⭐ Battey and charger.
    ⭐ Filter.
    ⭐ Velcro hose tidy.
    ⭐ Collapsible bucket.
    ⭐ Bucket clip.
    ⭐ Towel.
    ⭐ Wash mitt.
    ⭐ Storage bag to carry everything in.

    Packaging and delivery:
    📦 ♻️ The parts are supplied with a minimum of wasted plastic, with cardboard separators inside the box, and only a foam tray for the main washer parts. The washer arrived very quickly.

    Installation and use:
    🔧 To assemble the water supply, I first removed the hose connector on the tubing so that I could thread on the Velcro cable tidy. With that done and the connector back in place, the filter was pushed on the other end of the tube and the bucket clip attached to keep the hose upright and the filter in the bottom of the bucket. The bucket deploys with a twist and includes a handle. The instructions do not mention using the washer with a garden hose, although the connector on the pressure washer is the standard type.
    🔧 I filled the soap dispenser with foaming detergent for car washing, and attached this with a twist to the pressure washer body. There is an adjustment dial on the top for the amount of soap to dispense, which I set to half way. One thing to note here, is that when releasing the soap lance from the jet washer, the dial catches slightly on the body, so you need to pay attention to the setting next time you use it.
    🔧 The battery inserts easily. I recommend that you give this a full charge but I cleaned a whole car on the charge out of the box. I am really pleased that the washer comes with a storage bag to keep all the parts together once dry. I am always hunting for the correct charger for different devices, and the bag solves that as I can keep them together.
    🔧 Fill the bucket and away you go. I cleaned one large family car with two buckets, including soaping and rinsing afterward with the adjustable lance. I left this on the factory setting and it was fine, but the nozzle is adjustable. There is a wash glove included for use after the soap phase, and a towel to dry parts of the car after rinsing off the soap – although there is some blue fluff given off by the towel. After switching the washer on, I set the pressure to the highest setting. It took a few seconds to suck up water from the bucket, and I only used a quarter of a tank of detergent for the whole car.

    😠 Marketing
    The only irritation is the marketing claim implying that this is a 15.6Ah battery. The pressure washer might be 24v and the marketers may simply have misunderstood how battery cells work. I measured the battery output fully charged under no load at 25v, so the cells inside the pack are arranged in series to achieve this and so sum their voltage, and not their power. Inside the pack there are 6 x INR18650 cells at 3.65v each, arranged in series, giving 21.9v at 2600mAh nominal. This is what it says on the battery pack. It is definitely not a ‘15.6A*24V’ battery and the washer would have received 5 stars if not for this. There is a charge controller with battery health power monitoring on the PCB, and a RU40L10H MOSFET to control charging input and prevent over charging – so a reasonable design, only let down by some solder splatter here and there.

    ✔️ A complete kit to wash down the car.
    ✔️ Portable.
    ✔️ Can use rainwater and a filter is included.
    ✔️ Economical on water. I set myself a 2-bucket target!

    ❌ None really except the battery claim. It did everything I wanted.

    ✅ This is a great bit of kit, and includes all the parts that you normally have to buy separately with its larger mains-powered cousins. If you are stuck in a field with a dirty caravan or trailer, or on a beach with a boat to clean, this is a must.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    The media could not be loaded.

     OK- on receipt well packaged and not too much packaging either so no damage and easy to get rid of the boxes.
    You get the main washer & lance, a soap or snow foam dispenser, battery & charger, collapsible bucket, pipe & pick up filter & a couple of wash cloths.
    There’s also a very handy compact carry all bag that everything fits into.
    Battery on arrival was about 2/3 charged so put together & tested.
    So I used our regular garden hose & mains water & immediately there a minor point in as much as you don’t seem to be able to turn the water supply off if its pressurised. (Probably fine if you fill the bucket use the pick up hose)
    Power and spray is controlled by turning the end of the lance nozzle or stepping through the T1, T2 or S options on the trigger.
    I actually thought it was OK for pre-washing & rinsing but lacked the power that a regular mains jet wash has.
    Video of this rinsing down my car included.
    Overall thoughts
    OK as a portable jet wash.
    OK supply of accessories (snow foam bottle & cleaning cloths)
    Good to have a storage bag to keep it all together.
    Probably great in remote locations where you may not have electric power but access to a water source.
    Not as good power as a mains power wash.
    In my opinion also quite a pricey unit
    But ultimately for remote usage with no electric this may tick the boxes so 4* from me as that’s what it’s actually designed for.

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  3. Daniel K

    Portable tools are always on top of the list to have in my situation.
    I always wanted to try a cordless pressure washer and so I got this to review it.

    First of all the whole idea of being compact and portable is there but the idea of pressure washing is missing the “pressure” part. I do understand that there can’t be expected much from a device that runs on a small battery with a small pump but this left me in confusion about what it should be used for especially when the price is considered.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is not for watering plants only, but when it comes to washing some heavy dirt and stains on any surface, you will struggle and get tired and waste your time.

    Selection between 3 modes of power will allow you to use preferred power where needed but in my opinion, you will always need the highest level of power. The first two levels have more of a pulsing effect than the actual constant under the pressure flow. Using highest level of power means your battery will be drained quickly and with only one available, as you can conclude, it will take a lot longer to do any job.

    I have tried to clean concrete slabs in my garden with the highest level of power and nozzle adjusted for the highest pressure and one slab of 40×40 cm took me about 20 minutes to clean. So you can imagine how long it will take you to clean 10 of them.

    It is painted very nice with all the accessories that come with the washer that you will get the great tool but I’d doubt you will.

    For the price this is selling for which is £160-£180 I’ll rather get some well known electric pressure washer which is a lot stronger and higher quality.

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  4. Paul Turnbull

    One love 🙏🏾👳🏾‍♂️🙏🏾

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