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Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]

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Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]
Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]


Breville All-in-One Coffee Home, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]. From the model Breville.

  • All-in-one system for genuine espresso, filter espresso and capsules
  • Straightforward to make use of: Auto-detect senses your chosen attachment and supplies the suitable brewing choices
  • 15-Bar pump for high quality espresso with a wealthy crema. Steam wand for milk with the proper foam
  • 10-Cup / 1. 5 litre thermal carafe to maintain espresso sizzling
  • Compatible with Dolce Gusto capsules: fast and simple espresso with over 40 varieties to select from

Additional information

Specification: Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]



Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎34.5 x 25 x 37.4 cm, 6.6 Kilograms


‎1.5 litres

Volume Capacity

‎1.7 litres

Power Wattage

‎1100 watts





Special Features

‎All-in-one solution for authentic espresso, filter coffee and Dolce Gusto capsules

Item Weight

‎6.6 kg

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible [VCF117]

3.5 out of 5
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  1. YvonneB

    I strongly advise that you do not purchase this machine as it has a known defect whereby the pod holder fails and hot water at high pressure sprays out from the machine and could very easily burn or get in your eyes! I bought a machine in April which failed in August and then the replacement has failed in exactly the same way. In talking to Breville, this is a known defect with the Pod holders and there is no way of knowing how many or which ones. There is no fix. I have returned the second failed machine and am getting a different one. Amazon have been very good but were supposed to have made the machine unavailable pending investigation however I see it is still available.

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  2. YvonneB

    I used to work in a coffee shop and I miss my coffee made on a bean to cup machine. While this Breville is not a bean to cup and uses ground coffee it does give the same flavour styles and crema.

    This is a good-sized machine that uses espresso grade ground coffee and it also uses Dolce Gusto pods. So essentially you can have espresso, filter or coffee pod drinks.

    Filter Coffee – this has a reusable filter basket that fits into a holder. The coffee jug is great for keeping coffee warm, my stayed hot in the jug for 2 hours though did not taste so nice after sitting that long. The jug looks good but I do find that to get the coffee out you have to tip the jug up quite a way as there is an inner lip. This inner lip helps to keep the coffee hot but is a little bit of a nuisance.

    Coffee Pods – I have a Dolce Gusto Machine so this was really good for comparing both the machines. The Breville has a higher pressure and it gives a much better taste and cream to the coffee. As well as using Dolce Gusto pods I also have a supermarket brand and these taste so much better in the Breville. The pods are put into the holder and twisted into place as you would see baristas do.

    Espresso – I am a drinker of black coffee and being able to try my various different brands of ground coffee was great. The holder comes with two sizes of the coffee holder, so one or shots. These holders have a little nick that Must be lined up with the one in the holder or the coffee does not come through properly.

    This machine is good, it gives many options for different styles of coffee. There is a steam wand that is perfect for cappuccino’s and latte’s and can be turned towards the inside back of the machine out of the way. The machine is great for espressos of all kinds and automatically adjusts itself to whichever attachment is fitted.

    A little niggle is that I would have liked the option of being able to add extra hot water to my coffee. Instead, I just press the brew button again e.g. a two-shot espresso has water go through the 2nd time.

    A great machine that gives wonderful coffee-shop style coffees and I am extremely delighted with it.

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  3. Sarah mom hair dogs budgie mental health

    Pretty good machine and quite versatile, this is the only espresso machine I’ve had that will accommodate a 20oz mug, as my go to brew is a black Americano this is a useful feature, and to make one the lazy way you either press the brew button four times or press brew then clean to top up the hot water.
    For the price I would like to have seen more metal and less plastic for the sake of durability, I can’t see this staying intact in a café or office type environment, but for home use with a bit of care it should survive, just train the kids to use it sensibly.
    The taste of the brews is alright, not first class but adequate the filter and jug arrangement is hardly ever going to be used by me possibly when entertaining.
    Over all pretty good if you don’t mind the plastic, the heater is powerful enough to supply a constant stream of brews and the warm up time is short, I would recommend this machine for domestic use and is better than the “D’L” machine I returned to amazon as being inadequate.

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  4. F M B

    Had this for 5 days … so far I love it.
    I went for this one as you can use gusto pods as well as sample different coffee granules.

    Warning … instructions are bit rubbish.., learn as you go!

    So really easy to put a pod in the provided container and switch to brew. The machine says/knows there’s a pod in there then you press brew. A Small cup (smaller than a regular mug) I choose L on screen using arrows and it fits perfect.

    2 different size coffee espresso slots for attachment- smallest one makes weak coffee with not much taste so I use the bigger one. Once attached the machine knows it’s an expresso then choose 1 or 2 shots. For a nice small cuppa I choose 2 shots… then add another 1 shot after, top up with heated milk… beautiful!
    (I didn’t know this before but the machine makes what is called an expresso shot… you add water and milk to your liking to make a longer drink) I personally wouldn’t drink expresso alone.

    Milk frother.
    Takes a bit of practice. I couldn’t seem to make milk frothy enough but to be honest I think it got better the more I used it.

    I would definitely recommend this machine. Quick and easy once you’ve learnt how. Best of both worlds being able to use pods too – kids can make an easy hit chocolate

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  5. Sarah mom hair dogs budgie mental health

    Received this today. After playing about all afternoon I have got the hang of it. Am pleased with it . It doesn’t take up as much room as I thought and sits on top of my coffee drawer nicely . Makes an excellent espresso. Take time to get to know this machine and you’ll be happy once you do

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  6. Ian J.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I won’t recommend this coffee machine. It doesn’t pour water very well it’s only drops. The “0” blinks all the time before getting the job done while the tank is full to Max. not to mention the water leaks. Unfortunately, I bought 2 and the bad thing is I that I‘m from Saudi Arabia and won’t be able to return them coz it’s gonna cost me more than the product price and definitely more than amazon return cost.

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