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Bosch Professional 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Height: 55 – 157 cm, Thread: 1/4″), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm

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Last updated on May 24, 2022 4:19 pm
Bosch Professional 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Height: 55 – 157 cm, Thread: 1/4″), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm
Bosch Professional 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Height: 55 – 157 cm, Thread: 1/4″), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm



Bosch Professional 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Top: 55 – 157 cm, Thread: 1/4″), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm. From the model Bosch Professional.

  • HIGH STABILITY: Completely safe stance on any flooring because of its sturdy aluminium design
  • CIRCULAR VIAL: Performance and precision attributable to round vial
  • WORK HEIGHT: Versatile peak adjustment from 55 cm to 157 cm
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Levels and lasers with 1/4″ thread, GLL 2-10, GLL 2-15 G, GCL 2-15, GCL 2-15 G, GCL 2-50, GCL 2-50 G, GCL 2-50 C, GCL 2-50 CG, GLL 3-80, GLL 3-80 G, GLL 3-80 C, GLL 3-80 CG
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Tripod BT 150
  • Observe: It has a normal ¼” thread. It matches something with a ¼” becoming, which is a normal one for a digital camera

Additional information

Specification: Bosch Professional 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Height: 55 – 157 cm, Thread: 1/4″), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm


‎Bosch Professional

Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎58.8 x 11.6 x 10.8 cm, 1.27 Kilograms

Item model number





‎150 cm Tripod



Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Measurement System



‎Certified frustration-free

Included Components

‎1 x Bosch Professional 0601096B00 BT 150 Tripod – Blue

Batteries included


Batteries Required


Item Weight

‎1.27 kg

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Bosch Professional 0601096B00 Tripod for Lasers and Levels BT 150 (Height: 55 – 157 cm, Thread: 1/4″), Blue, 10.8 cm*58.8 cm*11.6 cm

2.3 out of 5
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  1. Adam

    I’ve got mixed views on this product!

    I own quite a large number of Bosch Professional products and overall very pleased, but this one doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

    The tripod base is well made, very sturdy and the ability to reach 2.5m is great, and the reason I purchased it. I’d read reviews and seen videos complaining about how bad the pan/tilt head was so knew what to expect to some extent, but despite setting expectations lower than normal I was still surprised at the quality.

    On first inspection one of the adjustable feet wouldn’t turn, appears that the nut/foot is seized to the threaded bolt and no amount of penetrating fluid or aggression with a pair of grips is going to sort it, so quick call to Bosch support and I’ve been promised a spare part so fingers crossed it’ll arrive shortly.

    The head however! I’m surprised that it could pass quality control being that bad. On closer inspection I realised that there’s a tension pin fitted through the extending aluminium tube to the head, and the hole drilled in the aluminium was approximately 0.5mm off creating a pivot point. It doesn’t sound like much but when you put a laser on the top it’s amazing how much wobble is introduced.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I purchased during prime day, I’d have sent it back as faulty but instead I decided to correct the issue.

    I popped the pin out using a punch and put a square across the tube which also wasn’t square! Come on Bosch, there’s no excuse for that. Again possibly only 0.5mm but enough to add to the issue.

    I filed the tube flat and square which only took a few minutes, took the head apart (there’s a slotted finger tightening screw under the tilt head that allows the unit to come apart) put the plastic boss back in the tube, making sure I was 90 degrees off the original hole, marked it, then drilled a 2.5mm hole ever so slightly higher than where marked, so that it added downward tension when the pin was reinstalled.

    It took a little persuading to get the pin back in but now it’s absolutely solid. No movement on the plastic boss at all.

    Woohoo! Reinstalled the rest of the head, and I’d like to say it was rock solid! However, the mount is now rock solid and doesn’t move in relation to the tripod, however the rest of the unit still has a fair amount of flex in and around the various pivot points so whilst it’s 90% better, and probably 95% if you lock off the 360 degree bottom pivot, it’s still no where near as good as an aluminium pan/tilt head.

    At £105 I’d consider something else unless you need the 2.5m height capability. I considered the BT300HD but I’m only an occasional user so at over £175 it’s completely OTT for me. I picked this up for £72 so over all can’t complain taking into consideration the cost compared to other options, but quite honestly at £105 I’d have a harder time being so accepting of it.

    You might be lucky and get one a lot better, I have seen that others have been lucky, but if you get one like mine, either be prepared to do some tweaking, make a few returns until you get a good one, find an alternative, or if you get it in a sale, take it for what it is, a good sturdy base with great height possibility, with a sub standard head.

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  2. Adam

    Avoid at all costs. These poles are absolutely useless, overpriced pieces of junk. There are poles out there half the price that are twice as good. I’m on my third pole since April 2019 and have given up sending them back, it’s simply gone straight into the skip and I’ve gone and bought a Dewalt on, which I should have done in the first place as they are far superior. The problem is the middle section is prone to jamming constantly and after a few months simply breaks rendering the pole useless. And as they can’t be repaired they have to be sent back to Bosch, which last time took three weeks to get a replacement to me. And when it’s used daily on site, this is no good to me at all.

    Don’t waste your time or money on this rubbish, buy better…buy Dewalt.

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  3. Richard Thorne

    Bought for use with line lasers and laser measures. Chose this BT 250 model as it has the tilt/pan head and 2.5m max height, very useful for work. The base is very well made, easy to use and robust. If it was on that alone it’d be a 5 star review. However, it’s at the top of the tripod that the let downs begin.
    The winding handle to raise/lower the centre shaft is a flimsy plastic. I really can’t see this surviving the rigors of on site work.
    The whole tilt/pan head is of very poor quality, again, cheap flimsy plastic. The fixing plate has an extremely delicate feeling 1/4″ butterfly screw.
    While the base does have a leveling vial, the tilt/pan head does not. Nor are there any 0 stops or gradation indicators. This means you have to zero and/or adjust by eye, working to an approximation. Thankfully I have a Bosch GLM 50 C measure which includes a digital centering/leveling vial but I’d rather not have to keep swapping the line laser out for that to make adjustments.
    I got a great deal on this tripod from Amazon but the RRP is usually much higher. I’m going to have to use the savings from Amazon to upgrade the tilt/pan head. Bosch really disappointed with this product. Particularly annoying as they’re one of the only professional tool manufacturers to offer a site ready tripod base with a tilt/pan head!

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  4. David McMaster

    This got quite a few poor reviews and l wish I’d read them first. I got this and took it out, extended the legs and thought it looked perfectly okay, but when l wound the centre column up it locked up and l couldn’t get it down again. How about that for a lack of sturdiness! I sent it back and Amazon refunded me immediately. Good on Amazon. But Bosch products are starting to be a bit hit and miss on their quality. I don’t think these Chinese options are reflective of how good the previous German made products used to be. Bosch could be relied on always once upon a time. These days it is turning into badge engineering for profit and Directors bonus’.

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  5. charlotte

    The bad – it’s is overpriced as usual from Bosch.

    The good- it is quick to lock in position and seems good quality, it is quite heavy and one end is sprung so it grips to the ceiling very well. The supplied bracket is basic but does it’s job very well. It all adjusts easily so is nice and quick to use.

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  6. Mr. Geoff Laing

    This just appears to be a cheap chinese tripod with a bosch badge on it. The first Bosch item I’ve bought and been underwhelmed by. For a tripod that is used in a working environment, a lot of the parts are made from flimsy , brittle plastic. On the plus side this does make for a light tripod and considering it is basically for carrying a laser level it doesn’t need to carry much weight. That said it isn’t durable, my lifting mechanism broke after just a weeks use. Similar tripods can be had for ½ the price, stronger ones can be had for the same money. All my Bosch power tools feel built to last, and robust, this doesn’t feel like Bosch had an input on it’s design, just rebadged someone else’s and stuck a mark up on it

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