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Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd Generation, Range: 10 m, in Cardboard Box), Green

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Best seller Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd Generation, Range: 10 m, in Cardboard Box), Green
(5 customer reviews)
Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd... & Free shipping
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Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd Generation, Range: 10 m, in Cardboard Box), Green
Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd Generation, Range: 10 m, in Cardboard Box), Green



Bosch Home and Garden Laser (*10*) Quigo with Clamp (third Technology, Vary: 10 m, in Cardboard Field), Green. From the model Bosch Home and Garden.

  • The cross line laser Quigo – for exact alignment; compact inspection digicam with high-grade picture seize
  • Inclined traces can be utilized by tilting the software
  • Concurrently initiatives one horizontal and one vertical laser line – at all times 100% straight
  • Versatile positioning due to MM2 common clamp which comes full with the software
  • Objects included: Quigo 3, 2 x AAA batteries, MM2 common holder, fast meeting plate, cardboard field (3165140836074)

Additional information

Specification: Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd Generation, Range: 10 m, in Cardboard Box), Green



Power Source


Product Dimensions

‎6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm, 270 Grams


‎2 AAA batteries required. (included)

Item model number





‎Red Laser



Part Number


Item Package Quantity



‎1.5 Volts

Number Of Pieces


Measurement Accuracy

‎10 m

Included Components


Batteries included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type


Item Weight

‎270 g

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Bosch Home and Garden Laser Level Quigo with Clamp (3rd Generation, Range: 10 m, in Cardboard Box), Green

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  1. Ammo_5

    This generally works well and I particularly like the MM02 Mount which allows your step ladder to double as a tripod. This is good if the marking point is in reach, otherwise you’ll need a second step ladder!

    A couple of features could have been better thought out though.

    The laser is flashed to signal that the beam is not levelled. This is fine if you are trying to level but if you want to use without levelling it makes things difficult. Trouble is the beam keeps disappearing just when you want it. It would be much better if the off period was much shorter relative to the on period (or they used some separate signal such as an LED or sounder).

    The combined shutter and on/off switch is cute, but it is much too stiff. It is virtually impossible to operate without disturbing the alignment. OK for a quick job, not so good if you want to switch off and on again to save battery.

    But the worst missed opportunity is the fine adjustment stage. The Quigo is a regular cube and the stage can be clipped to any one of three out of the six faces. With minor changes to the moulding, that could have been five of the six faces. Furthermore, two orientations at right angles could have been supported per face giving different adjustment directions. That would have allowed an awesome ten different options at no extra cost.

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  2. Mr Badger

    billiant laser level and with the included mount makes it super easy to get in the right position little pricey but its worth it for a quality tool

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  3. Mr Badger

    The Quigo is OK but has one big flaw in my view; the vertical line extends only approx. 800mm above and below the horizontal line. If like me you need a line running floor-to-ceiling, then the Quigo is useless. I’m going to be tiling two bathrooms with floor-to-ceiling stone so I’d have to keep raising the level of the Quigo as I go, which is a real pain. Also, if you’re working high up on a wall then the Quigo also has to be mounted high up…meaning to have to find something portable and tall to mount it on. This was a deal breaker for me and it was returned.

    An additional minor gripe is that the thread on the bracket doesn’t come with a rubber washer so when you attached it to the base plate it works loose quite easily. This is such a basic and obvious issue and I expect more from Bosch. You have to grapple with the ball joint bracket to get it level and locked and having to content with the thread coming loose on top pf this is painful.

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  4. J. Lyne

    Purchased this unit to assist accurate fitting a second staircase handrail to match angle and height of existing one. The handrail is in two parts and has three brackets

    Adaptor on sturdy Slix tripod fitted Quigo perfectly and held it firmly to achieve what seemed to be a perfectly aligned starting point across the top of the stairs. Did similarly at the bottom of the stairs.

    Could not get a stable angled line to match the angle of the staircase or project an accurate midway marking point for the centre bracket.

    Then tried to use the MMO2 mount clamped to the existing handrail to project levels across the staircase.
    This was frustrating as the clamp did not seem to be designed to project an angled beam precisely from the top point of the handrail to which it was attached. Perhaps centre markers on each moving section would have helped achieve this goal.

    Got very near to achieving vertical and cross lines meeting at a correctly rule measured marking point but each time I was near to this either the laser restarted or the screw controlled section of the platform moved because this was too loose. I also recall correctly the screw control got in the way of the options on the tripod that was fitted with a bubble to ensure perfect centring.

    Without more specific project advice and instructions this device does not meet my needs and the measurements by hand were more reliable.

    Awaiting delivery and sight of the handrail distributors instructions before finalising a decision to return the Quigo

    I have generously marked the “warmth” section of the review with two stars but I am not sure that this is applicable to the small amount of heat generated by a low powered battery laser.

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  5. J. Hind

    The laser level itself gets five stars. It’s simple to use, just insert the batteries and slide up the lens cover. A bright vertical and horizontal line are projected on to whatever is in front of the unit. When it stops flashing on and off it is good to go. Accuracy is good – I have a brand new house and it lines up perfectly with all of the horizontals and verticals. It is visible in normal lighting conditions, although in bright daylight you will struggle over a couple of metres. The corners are rubberised to prevent marking and slipping. The lens cover feels a bit flimsy but otherwise it is good overall.

    The brackets are less good and that is the reason I have docked a star. The one which is supposed to clip on the laser and give fine adjustment is very hard to get on to the unit. I struggled for quite a while before just leaving it partially attached. (See photo). It does hold, but not very firmly and I would be nervous about it falling if it was held high above the ground. The other clamp mount holds the laser better with a standard tripod screw, but because it is made of plastic with plastic ball joints it is very difficult to align it accurately. I found myself spending more time trying to align it than I would have saved by getting out a spirit level and pencil. It does clamp firmly to a variety of thicknesses though. But I am just going to use a camera tripod in the future.

    Overall this is a really handy gadget for the home DIYer, but use a tripod to prevent frustration and make life more simple.

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