Power consumption oven – the facts

The higher the cost of electricity rises every year, the more we all pay attention to things that we otherwise turn on as a matter of course. One of the appliances in the home that consumes a relatively large amount of the precious electricity is the oven. Here we show you an overview of how much electricity your oven actually needs.

Pay attention to the efficiency class

Ovens have also come a long way in terms of energy consumption. On average, an oven with an energy efficiency class of A requires about 165 kWh per year. Other sources indicate 110 kWh for class A, for example. The differences are often related to the different sizes and volumes of the ovens. The various functions of an oven also have an additional impact on energy consumption.

As you can see from this data, the annual consumption values basically say nothing, because everyone uses the oven with different frequency and for different lengths of time. But the ratings do have a purpose, because if you are already buying a new oven, you can thus pay attention to whether the oven is efficient with the expensive energy.

A to G

Manufacturers have not been able to get by with the A to G classifications for energy efficiency for a long time. Ovens, like all other household appliances, have been continuously developed and improved. Today, a normal class A electric oven is almost an energy guzzler. In the meantime there are three better variants for the level A, which are marked with A+ / A++ and A+++.

Here are some examples of currently offered ovens:

cheap modelClass A65 liters volume0,99 kWh
medium modelclass A66 liters volume0,96 kWh
mini ovenClass B20 liters volume1,5 kWh
high-priced modelclass A+76 liters volume1,05 kWh

Older appliances

Many older appliances, which do not even fall into the classifications between A and G, require about three times as much electricity. Depending on how often and how long you use the oven, you should use these values to calculate the true power consumption. This will help you to better assess whether a new purchase and a high purchase price are really worthwhile.

However, keep in mind the really high purchase costs. In many cases, you are told that a new purchase will pay for itself within 10 to 15 years. However, this is only true if the price of electricity remains as high as it is at present. On the other hand, you must then also use the stove as frequently over the entire period as the calculation predicts. At the same time, you have to hope that the stove will last that long at all.

Tips & Tricks

Today, ovens have advanced so much that they require electricity even when they are not used at all. There is usually at least one normal digital clock installed. This is also illuminated. Even though they are usually only LED lights, electricity is still drawn for the clock and lighting around the clock.

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