Pot lid with or without hole?

Most lids on cooking pots have at least one hole through which the steam produced during cooking is vented so that excessive overpressure does not build up in the pot. However, there are also lids without holes. Which is better?

Why do pot lids have holes?

A pot lid can help save electricity when cooking. However, this only works if the pot gets a matching lid. However, too much pressure should not build up in the cooking pot. To prevent this, many lids have small holes through which the pressure created during cooking can escape. However, the water can still collect on the inside of the lid and condense there, thus returning to the pot.

Pot lid with or without hole?

Many pot lids today have at least one small hole through which the water vapor cannot build up too much pressure. Pot lids with a hole offer some advantages such as the following:

  • no excessive pressure build-up inside the cooking pot
  • no rattling of the lid during cooking
  • no water squeezed out during cooking

What else you should look for when buying

A saucepan lid can be used to cook with very little moisture loss. Also, you need very little liquid to cook food because the steam stays in the pot. Cooking with only a small amount of liquid has the advantage of not boiling over as easily. However, you should make sure that the lid fits exactly. Only in this way can it serve its purpose properly. When buying, you can also resort to a glass lid in many cases. This offers you the advantage that you can look at the contents of the pot at any time, for example, to determine the degree of cooking and to prevent the food from possibly burning.

What other lid properties are advantageous

It is very helpful if the lid also has a pouring rim. This allows you to drain liquids very easily without having to hold the pot lid at an angle. If you need pot lids for different cookware, you can even get size-adjustable pot lids that are suitable for both pots and pans of different diameters.

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