Pocket knives have more functions than tools

When it comes to the functions of a pocket knife, there is no way around the Swiss knives of the manufacturers Victorinox and Wenger. It can be assumed that the two brands, which now belong together, have tried out, implemented or discarded every conceivable function of a pocket knife.

Functional diversity and world record

In 2007, the manufacturer Wenger had the fun of designing what is probably the most comprehensive pocket knife in the world. On a thickness of 24 centimeters between the covers are 81 tools with 141 functions. The exhibit weighs 1.3 kilograms. The largest selection of functions, intended for real use, includes 32 functions.

Basic functions for personal use

The most widespread are pocket knives with ten to twenty functions, and the range of applications often exceeds the number of tools. The classic functions of a pocket knife are:

  • Large and small knife
  • Lid opener
  • Scissors
  • Can opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver
  • Nail file
  • Saw

In more advanced versions, the most common functions are pliers, magnifying glass, cable stripper, toothpick, hacksaw, meat saw, chisel, ballpoint pen and wood saw. The wide range of models both Swiss knives and products of other manufacturers hold almost any combination.

Special functions and outdoor use

The functions and their composition are sometimes tailored to the needs of special groups of people. For anglers and fishermen there are descaling tools and for golfers and cricketers there are integrated grass hub lifters. Lighting functions such as LEDs or laser light and extensions with a USB memory chip pay their respects to the general technical development.

Comfort features and luxury versions

Of course, exclusive luxury pocket knives are also produced. Often made of precious metals, the cases and tools offer very specialized functions in some models. The selection ranges from oyster openers and fine mechanical watch and jewelry tools to precious wood chassis and gemstone ornaments.

Usage variants in military and aerospace

Swiss knives are part of the basic equipment of the military in over twenty countries. Armies of other countries have very functionally similar pocket knives in their standard repertoire. Here, too, the range of functions varies between ten and twenty possible uses.

Among the modified and developed from pocket knives multiple pocket application tools, the American company Leatherman has made a special name for itself. The decisive difference to the pocket knife is the folding pliers, which serve as the basis of the multifunctional tool.

Elizabeth Green

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