Oven volume and capacity

Those who have only known the oven in their free-standing oven, will hardly assume that it does not have to be the same size at all for two different models. Today, moreover, there are many other sizes and dimensions in the ovens. This, of course, also results in a difference of the volume in the different models. Here is an overview of the volume of the oven.

Standard in the oven

In a normal floor oven, the oven normally has a volume of about 54 liters. Therefore, this is considered the standard measure in the volume of the oven. However, in recent years, manufacturers have begun to design the interior of the ovens differently, as a result, the volume is also completely different.

  • Standard about 54 liters
  • Large volume from 60 liters
  • Small volume ovens from 9 to 35 liters

Large volume

For example, a large-volume oven has the same dimensions on the outside as a conventional oven. The significantly larger interior is achieved through a change in technology. The heating elements are also usually arranged differently. Thus, large-volume ovens easily reach a volume of 60 liters.

Volume miracle giant oven

But it goes even bigger, because there are ovens with a volume of 76 liters, which also partially fit into a normal niche. One model achieves this size by eliminating the drawer that is often located under the oven, while other models have a slightly greater depth.

Small oven

Small pizza ovens are sometimes available from as little as nine liters. This is certainly something very small, but the practical small ovens still have a great benefit. Especially models between 20 and about 30 liters can help you save electricity well. Food that you only want to heat up or bake is ready faster and cheaper in the smaller cooking chamber.

Whether an oven with a capacity of only nine liters really makes sense remains to be seen. But even an oven with 76 liters of volume is probably not necessary. Keep in mind that you’ll have to heat the oven’s huge volume even if you’re only baking up two rolls or have a ready-to-bake pizza in the oven. Of course, the power consumption will also be significantly higher due to the large volume.

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