Oven rusts – the facts

The shock is often great when the first rusty spots appear in a still relatively new oven. However, depending on where the rust is located, you may even be able to repair this damage yourself. Whether the manufacturer will accommodate you with a settlement depends primarily on your negotiating skills and the age of the oven.

Fan rusts

The fans that provide the circulating air in the oven are often made of quite thin sheet metal. Due to the heavy development of moisture during many baking processes, this weak sheet metal will naturally begin to rust quickly. However, since no pressure is applied to the fan during baking, the fan will probably not fall apart completely. However, the small rust crumbs that get sprinkled into the food are annoying.

  • Have the fan replaced
  • Remove fan and spray with clear lacquer for ovens

Bottom plate rusts through

It is more problematic when the bottom plate of the oven slowly rusts through. Some moisture easily forms on the bottom of the oven when baking or roasting. This should always be removed immediately. But also the burnt-in grease dirt eats through the bottom plate of the oven.

Enamel coating

When you notice the damage to the bottom of the oven due to rust, you should act quickly. Once there is a real hole in the bottom, there is hardly anything you can do. Before the sheet metal is rusted through, it should be newly protected with a coating.

Heat-resistant liquid enamel is available in hardware stores. However, it is often only available in white. This does not necessarily make the stove more beautiful. It is not enough to use radiator paint, as it is not as heat resistant. Also, when using clear enamel, be sure to pay attention to the temperature range up to which the paint can be used.

  • Sand the floor
  • paint on enamel coating
  • possibly seal additionally with clear lacquer
Most manufacturers will immediately point out improper handling of your oven when you call customer service about rust. Either they will accuse you of using too strong chemical cleaners or introducing too much moisture into the oven. Unfortunately, even during the warranty period, few manufacturers are willing to reimburse you for the cost of repair.

Elizabeth Green

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