Oven power – what is the consumption?

From the power of an oven depends on how quickly the selected temperature is reached in the oven. But at the same time, the power of the oven also depends on its power consumption. Here we show you what an oven actually consumes on average. However, the age of the oven must also be taken into account. Here are all the facts.

Electricity consumption

The average household with two people needs more than ten percent of its electricity consumption for oven and stove. But of course, the more modern ovens are already somewhat more efficient and consumption can hardly be lumped together like this, also because of individual cooking habits.

EU energy label for ovens

Since 2002, electric ovens have had to indicate their energy efficiency with the energy label. The efficiency classes A to G are then additionally based on the size of the oven. Therefore, an oven with the A label may possibly have the same energy consumption as an oven with the G energy efficiency class. This is then due to the volume of the baking tube.

Ovens are divided into three groups in terms of size:

Small12 to 34 liters
Medium35 to 64 liters
Largefrom 65 liters

Old versus new

While older ovens that have done their job for about 10 to 15 years need about 1.6 kWh, modern appliances with energy efficiency class A today need exactly half the energy, namely 0.8 kWh. In class B, an oven needs on average 1.1 kWh.

Now you can estimate for your oven itself how much electricity you would save if you bought a new oven. Experts have calculated that if you bake 100 times a year with the very old oven, you will need just under 20 euros more in electricity. If you use the oven even less, it is absolutely not worth buying a new one just because of the electricity consumption.

Tips & tricks

When buying a new oven, also consider the decibel level. Especially in kitchens that are open to the living room, the oven can otherwise spoil a soccer game or a good movie. Most ovens should be around 50 decibels, which is about the noise level of normal road traffic.

Elizabeth Green

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