Oven over refrigerator – this is how it works

Until now, it was usually not recommended to install the oven directly above the refrigerator. While we do not necessarily want to advise this, we offer you an overview of the options that exist for this installation solution. We’ll also show you what disadvantages this combination can have. Here you will find the facts.

Refrigerator and oven

The new models of built-in appliances are very well insulated. You can often tell by the smaller internal dimensions of modern refrigerators. If you have ever tried to continue using the shelves of the old refrigerator of the same size in the new cooler, you were certainly disappointed.

Additional heat dissipation

Modern ovens for installation have also undergone significant changes. In some cases, they have heat dissipation systems that dissipate warm air to the front through a special panel. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a built-in cabinet, which also has additional air outlets. Today, manufacturers of high-quality kitchens offer such cabinets, designed specifically for this combination.

Consider disadvantages

Of course, the combination of the oven on the refrigerator still has more disadvantages than advantages. The energy consumption of the refrigerator will be slightly higher. But the decisive factor is the limited height of the refrigerator, because with the simple refrigerator height of 80 or 100 centimeters, the volume of the interior space also dwindles. Since the devices, as already mentioned, are better insulated, the volume additionally shrinks in contrast to the previously common devices.

  • possibly higher energy consumption
  • Refrigerator can be installed only at the bottom
  • height of the refrigerator is very limited

Bending and rummaging

With this solution, the refrigerator can not be installed in an elevated position. So not only are you giving up a slightly taller and larger fridge, but you will also always be forced to bend down to get into the fridge. This may not be so bad for a while, but as time goes on and you eventually experience back pain, rummaging around at the bottom of the fridge is just annoying.

Additionally, keep in mind that if you have the oven installed on top of the fridge, you’ll be tied down for the long haul. You will hardly be able to install a larger refrigerator later, should the family or living habits change after all.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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