Oven over dishwasher – the options

Whether it’s to save space or to avoid having to bend over so often. When planning a new kitchen, many kitchen customers opt for combinations that were not previously common. Some would like to place the dishwasher under the oven. Here we show you what options are available and whether this combination is worthwhile.

Technical aspects

While the oven should not be combined with the refrigerator, this is not a big problem with the dishwasher, since the temperature development does not matter here. However, some kitchen manufacturers have problems because the gap dimension from their dishwashers is not the same size as the ovens. Then it may be necessary to incorporate screens, through which the kitchen will be visually disturbed.

Achieve height

You want to install the oven above the dishwasher because you don’t want to bend down anymore? But what about the dishwasher itself. You won’t be able to achieve a comfortable height for the dishwasher then, otherwise the oven will have to be installed too high. So if you’re concerned about convenience, you’d better put both appliances a little higher.


For the extremely small kitchen, there is even a combination of dishwasher, oven and cooktop. Since this combination is no bigger than a normal freestanding stove, you can thus accommodate a dishwasher even in the smallest kitchen. However, this is of course much smaller and holds only about half of a normal dishwasher.

The oven is also not very large in this combination. However, the program selection is still very extensive for both devices. In terms of price, of course, this combination is not cheaper than three individual comparable devices of this type. In addition, you still have to constantly bend down, because the dishwasher sits under the oven, directly at floor level.

No matter which option you prefer now, you should make sure that you can get to each appliance even when the door is open. Don’t place the oven directly on the inside corner of an L-shaped kitchen, because then you’ll block the doors of the other base cabinets and you’ll only be able to access the oven from one side. The same problem exists with the dishwasher if it is placed in the corner.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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