Oven no longer heats – Troubleshooting

At first, you have the creeping feeling that the frozen pizza takes what feels like an eternity to finish. The Sunday roast becomes tough rather than crispy, and you can still easily get your hand in the oven even after extensive heating. The oven no longer heats up properly. Maybe it’s just a minor issue that can be quickly fixed.

Identify minor faults

Some reasons for inadequate heating of the oven you can see with the naked eye. The oven often fails to heat properly because the heating elements are dirty. Therefore, the oven should always be thoroughly cleaned once as a first measure. This also includes checking the door hinges. If the door no longer closes completely, the heat can escape and the oven can no longer hold the heat inside. After that, you can fire up the oven and check if the fault is still present.

  • Basic cleaning of the oven
  • Check heating elements for stuck dirt
  • Check hinges for dirt
  • Clean the seal around the door

Check gaskets

The gasket around the door may also have some dirt stuck on it, preventing the door from closing properly. However, over time, the seal itself may have some damage or may even be missing in places. This damage should be repaired first before you retest the oven to make sure it is working properly. Keep in mind that a gasket has also been placed around the glass panel, which can sustain damage over time.

Replace lighting

It may sound strange, but a faulty oven light can drain the energy. The oven can then also fail to heat up properly. The cover of the light should also be intact. Likewise, you should check the door’s glass pane for rough cracks, as heat can escape pointlessly here as well.

Tips & Tricks

However, you should not touch the electrical parts of the oven. Neither should you connect or disconnect the oven, nor repair the electrical system in the oven. Only a certified electrician is allowed to do that. Self-employed electricians with small craft companies usually charge much less for furnace repair than you fear.

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