Oven next to refrigerator – arrangement of devices

If household appliances are poorly arranged, it can have a significant negative impact on electricity consumption. The oven and refrigerator are a good example of this. But also the dryer should not take the freezer. We’ll show you which combinations are ideal and how you can mitigate unavoidable arrangements right here.

Refrigerator placement

The refrigerator requires a relatively large amount of energy, even when placed in an optimal position. You may have noticed after buying a new refrigerator that although the external dimensions are the same, the interior of the new appliance is much narrower. This is due to the efforts of manufacturers to insulate refrigerators. As a result, the side walls of the device become thicker.

Avoid sunlight

Thus, it is not easy to place the refrigerator in the kitchen, because many aspects must be taken into account. The refrigerator should not be in direct sunlight, besides, the place next to the heater is very unfavorable for the refrigerator. The cooling would always have to work against the heating, from this would result in a significant additional demand for electricity.

Oven – heat source

Should you use the oven little, it is hardly tragic if the refrigerator is right next to it. But most people use the oven almost every day, at least for quick small dishes. Therefore, the refrigerator should by no means be placed in the direct vicinity here. This is because the refrigerator requires significantly more energy to cool against the heat of the oven.

Unexpected heat sources

Even the dishwasher or a washing machine produces a lot of heat, which drives up the demand for energy of the refrigerator. However, if you have no other choice, you can place a sheet metal plate or aluminum panel between the two adjacent appliances to block some of the heat. With a built-in refrigerator, also take note of the vents in the back panel or simply leave the back panel out altogether.

  • Oven
  • Heating
  • Solar radiation
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machine

Tips & Tricks

There are different types of insulation boards available in hardware stores. However, there is usually very little space between the appliances in the kitchen. In this case, simple sheet metal plates that are pushed between the appliances are ideal. If you can get hold of cheap checker plate, you should use it, as the air can circulate a little better here.

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