Oven – inner pane broken

The modern ovens usually have two discs with a seal between them. Due to the strong temperature differences, these panes are often very much under tension. Especially the inner pane, which is particularly exposed to heat, has to withstand a lot. Therefore, it can unfortunately happen that this pane breaks at some point. We show here how you can replace it cheaply.

Age of the oven

If the oven is already older, it may be on the one hand that a repair or replacement of the disk is no longer worthwhile. On the other hand, the damage may be self-inflicted. In most cases, it is long forgotten that something fell on the pane at some point. If the pane was still hot at the time, it will have suffered a fine hairline crack as a result, which has only now come to bear.

Considerations when the pane is broken:

  • is a repair at all worthwhile
  • possibly goodwill by manufacturer / kitchen studio
  • Glass insurance with furniture glazing

Kitchen studio

In the first few years, even after the warranty period, a reliable kitchen studio should replace the pane in the oven free of charge as a gesture of goodwill. Most kitchen studios don’t make a big issue out of it either. After all, these kitchen suppliers live off the good reputation on site. In addition, kitchen studios are also often reimbursed by the manufacturer of the oven – especially if it is a well-known manufacturer.

Glass insurance

Many households have glass insurance. But what few policyholders know, this glass insurance usually includes furniture glazing. In it the ceramic field of the stove is excluded frequently or must be insured extra. But the pane of the oven is usually insured with the furniture glazing. Even the panes in the stove are paid for by this insurance if they are broken.

If the oven is still under warranty, you should insist that the oven door is completely replaced. If only a new inner pane is put in, the seal between the panes is never completely secured, plus the door warps slightly after only a short time of use, which is quite normal. The new pane then does not quite fit the warped door and will therefore easily crack again.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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