Oven gets too hot – all the facts

At some point, almost everyone experiences it, the oven becomes significantly too hot. Therefore, the oven should never be left unattended. The damage to the oven can have several reasons. We will show you here what they are and what you can do to prevent the oven from causing even more damage.

Damage pattern – oven overheated

Basically, there are two possibilities why the oven overheats. One is due to a defect in one of the thermostats or their failure. The other possibility is often more unpleasant, because it is difficult to detect and even more difficult to eliminate. In this case, the greasy steam in the oven has created a bridge of grease on the electronic control or on a relay. This prevents the temperature from being limited at the right time.

  • Thermostat defective
  • Heating elements defective
  • Thermal fuse defective
  • Heating relay failed

Creeping current

If the circuit is bypassed at any point due to grease buildup, not only will you have a hard time pinpointing the exact location of this damage, but the furnace may not be able to be turned off completely at all. So, if you find that the oven continues to heat even after it has been turned off, you’ll have to willy-nilly flip down the fuse for the oven.


Even if it’s “just” overheating due to a faulty thermostat, you should keep turning off the fuse until a professional repairs it. If it is a combination of stove and oven, you can turn the fuse back on to use the stove tops. However, you should always turn it off again afterwards. After all, a faulty thermostat or heating coil may not be the only faulty components.

As you can see from the problems that occur with ovens, even with a new oven, sudden damage is always possible. Therefore, you should not leave the house when the oven is turned on. Even ten minutes can then be too long. True, there are now many ovens with automatic programs that start baking while you are still at work. But in terms of your insurance coverage, their use is not recommended.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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