Oven – functions and types

Today, an oven can do so much more than just deliver bottom or top heat. However, the new options are so diverse that you can easily lose track of them when buying. Often, you end up paying for spectacular features that you don’t need at all. We therefore want to provide a brief overview of the new types of oven here.

Top and bottom heat

Although the combination of top and bottom heat offers an even baking and roasting function, it is only for one tray in the oven. While this function is essential, it should not be chosen as the oven’s only function today.

Circulating air or hot air

A built-in fan distributes the heat generated by the top and bottom heat functions more evenly throughout the oven. This allows you to bake or broil on several trays on top of each other at the same time. Circulating air is now a standard feature and should be in every new oven.

Other functions in the oven

Even the microwave and an additional steamer are often superfluous today. A grill in the oven is almost a normal function in addition to convection. However, the combination of grill and convection makes a lot of sense for certain crispy foods.

  • Grill
  • Convection grilling
  • Infra roast
  • Microwave
  • Steam oven
  • Pressure steaming

Sense and nonsense of functions

What still really makes sense with the grill is already not quite so delicious with the microwave. Many ovens have an integrated microwave, which can also be switched on during normal roasting and baking. Although the principle of shortening cooking times works, the food also suffers from the fast cooking.

Steam cooking

Whether a steam generator in the oven makes sense for you depends more on whether you also use a steamer otherwise. For users who like to steam a lot, it can be quite useful to be able to use this function in the oven as well. But keep in mind that some of the steam escapes from the oven here and is not recaptured as it is in the steamer. A foggy kitchen is then often the result.

Before buying an oven, make a note of which functions you actually use. Also keep in mind that a second appliance, such as a microwave or a steamer, can be quite useful if dishes with many different cooking points are to be prepared.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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