Oven dimensions – volume and standard sizes

Today, the oven itself does not necessarily have to be connected to the stove. That is why there are different sizes of ovens, whose dimensions and volume are also different. Whether you prefer a built-in or a freestanding oven should also depend on the use and the number of people in your household.

Built-in oven

In the modern kitchens, which may even be equipped with a kitchen island, of course, a built-in oven is ideal, because, firstly, it can be installed far from the hob, because it has its own control panel. In addition, this independence allows the oven to be installed at a back-friendly height.

First of all, there are three decisive dimensions for an oven: the standard dimension, the compact dimension and the large volume.

Standard sizeCompact sizeLarge volume
Width59 cm59 cm59 cm
Height60 cm38 to 45 cm60 cm
Volume54 liters27 liters60 to 76 liters

Standard size oven

A standard oven is adapted for a built-in niche of 60 centimeters in height and 59 centimeters in width. In this case, the niche should be about 15 centimeters deeper than the oven itself. This space is needed to ensure the ventilation of the oven. In addition, space is needed for the wiring of the oven.

Small ovens

When developing compact ovens, manufacturers have taken care to reduce only the height of the oven. In width, the small compact devices also have 59 centimeters of external dimensions. Although here the volume of the roasting tube is less than half of a standard device, but the width of the tray remains the same. In the kitchen, this creates more storage space or space for a built-in microwave or even a steamer.

Large volume oven

In a large-volume oven, the outside dimension is usually no larger than a standard appliance. The larger volume is achieved by changing the arrangement of the heating elements and control technology. Depending on the manufacturer, between 60 and 74 liters of volume can be achieved in the oven through this design.

Tips & tricks

Modern ovens not only have particularly good insulation, but often also side cooling fans that prevent the adjacent equipment from being heated too much by the oven. Especially if you have to install the refrigerator next to the oven for space reasons, the purchase of such an oven should be considered.

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