Oven and microwave on top of each other – good combination

Oven and microwave are two indispensable appliances in a modern kitchen. Today, in order to save space, many owners of a built-in kitchen want to arrange the electrical appliances one above the other. But not all combinations are really useful. However, microwave and oven in most cases are a good combination that complements each other well.

Microwave and oven

Hardly any combination of electrical appliances in the kitchen fits together better than microwave and oven. The advantages are obvious, because on the one hand, a lot of space is preserved on the work surface if there is no need to place a microwave there. On the other hand, both appliances can still be installed in a raised position despite the combination, which relieves the back enormously.

Warming drawer

When combining a microwave and an oven on top of each other, another advantage remains, because a practical warming drawer can still be installed under the oven, which is also already a standard feature in many kitchens today.

Steam cooker

However, if you want to add a steamer to this combination in addition to the oven, microwave and warming drawer, you should gradually consider placing two appliances on top of each other rather than stacking them all on top of each other. Otherwise, people who are not overly tall will not be able to see into the top appliance. In addition, a device would then have to be installed quite far down, which is also no longer considered desirable today.


  • Oven under microwave
  • Steamer above warming drawer


  • Oven on top of warming drawer
  • Microwave under steamer

Matching cabinet

Of course, the cabinet must perfectly match the chosen combination. Do not be fooled here. A cabinet that must first be made to fit with a large number of panels is not only a waste of space, but also visually not an asset. In this case, you should insist that either matching appliances or a matching cabinet be ordered. If in doubt, the kitchen builder will have to make a custom one for you.

If you really like to cook a lot, you should not buy a combination of appliances, where the microwave and a steamer are placed in one oven. After all, you will never be able to use both appliances at the same time. You can easily get into trouble with elaborate dishes.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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