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Must Use Top 5 Receipt Scanning Apps For Scanning Paper

Usually we pile lots of receipts in the form of crumbled papers and still end up losing some. We all have gone through the last time nervousness of searching for a receipt and looking for it in the bundle of papers. It is both irritating and time-consuming.

In the modern era of digitalization, it is convenient to move from receipts and papers to digital documents. Our mobile phones are no less than tools that can help you to complete this procedure. The mobile platforms offer you certain options that can help you in scanning receipts.

We are taking top 5 best receipt scanner and organizer apps.

Google Drive (Android/iOS)

Google drive offers excellent option of scanning if you want to keep track of any receipt or handwritten documents. While scanning, you can even perform OCR (optical character recognition) on the text in the documents. With Android phones, it is an inbuilt option. Open drive, tap “Add new” and select the option “scan” and you are done.

With iOS phones, you can get the pictures clicked and can convert it into PDF file later with the help of any other device.

Google drive is available free of cost at all the platforms.

CAM Scanner ( Android, iOS and Windows phone)

A well-known and well-loved app, CAM scanner is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone. The easy to use app is available for free. While scanning, it directly converts documents into PDF files. It performs OCR on scanned documents to highlight important bits like price, dates and titles. The CAM scanner auto crops and enhances scanned images like sketches and paintings. It saves your documents to clouds so that you can access them from any device.

Scannable by Evernote (iOS)

If you are an iOS user, Evernote can be one of the best options. It allows you to scan business cards, sketches, receipts, papers or even multi-page documents easily and instantly on iPad and iPhone. It organizes your scanned images in your Evernote account. It enhances images to make them more readable and removes the background like table or your hand automatically. You can share the saved images on various devices and dropbox. You can mail them, Whatsapp them or save them to your camera roll.

File Scanner (iOS)

This app has the capability of turning your mobile phone into a document scanning tool. It works for iOS devices only. The OCR of the app can handle 44 languages and can easily scan receipts or multi page documents. The app automatically removes the backgrounds and enhances the images. You can forward the resulting image as PDFs, texts and documents.

Genius Scan ( Androis/ iOS/ Windows Phone)

A simple, cross-platform document scanner app, Genius scans from Grizzly labs can generate PDFs of receipts, sketches and images in one tap. The app isolates the receipt automatically, enhances it, brings out the text and makes the final image more prominent.

We hope all these apps will help you in your day to day routine.

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