Measure oven temperature

If you suspect that your oven does not reach the right temperature, or perhaps the device even overheats, then it is important to determine the correct temperature. Especially if you like to prepare quite complicated dishes, where it is important to maintain the right temperature, you should measure the temperature accurately.

Stainless steel thermometer

A stainless steel thermometer is best for measuring the temperature in your oven. Even if your oven has a temperature gauge, it doesn’t necessarily have to be accurate. Additionally, there are thermometers whose probe is simply pushed through the oven door into the interior. The thermometer itself then stands on the countertop.

Roast thermometer

For many dishes, it is recommended to check exactly what the temperature is inside during cooking. For this purpose, you should also purchase a roasting thermometer. Again, stainless steel is the best choice of material.

Pork tenderloin65to75Degree
Wild boar75until80Degree

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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