Make your own coffee pods

Have you forgotten to buy coffee pods? Or would you like to use your favourite coffee beans in your coffee pod machine? Find out here how you can easily make your own coffee pods.

Why should you make your own coffee pods?

  • You can fill the pods with freshly ground coffee from freshly roasted coffee beans.
  • You can adjust the amount of coffee powder as well as the thickness of the filter.
  • You can make your own cappuccino blend by adding other ingredients to the pod besides the coffee powder.
  • In terms of cost, you also come out cheaper with homemade coffee pods: a kilo of coffee powder costs around £10 to £15, while a kilo in coffee pods costs £20. In addition, there are the relatively low costs for the tea filters.

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Making your own coffee pods step by step

There are two ways to make coffee pods: the elaborate way (version a) and the quick way (version b). If you would like to make coffee pods that look exactly like the ones from the supermarket, you need to cut the shape out of filter paper and sew the two halves together. Alternatively, you can just leave the tea filter as it is and just fold it (quick version). We explain both options below:

1. a) Cut the shape and sew it together

If you choose this option, you should first make only one pad and then test whether the filter is fine enough or whether you prefer to use the tea filter twice.

Place the coffee pad on your tea filter and generously mark the circle with a pencil. Then cut out the shape. Make sure you cut away your entire mark. After all, you don’t want a pencil taste in your coffee.

Then use a sewing machine to sew the two halves together. Sew as finely as possible so that no coffee powder can fall out. Leave a gap open so that you can fill the filter.

1. b) Preparation

If you opt for the simple, quick version, you do not need to process the tea filter as you will be using it whole.

2. a) Fill the filter

Weigh out seven to eight grams of coffee powder, depending on whether you prefer your coffee stronger or weaker.

Using a funnel or narrow spoon, fill the coffee powder into the filter and then sew up the gap.

2. b) Filling the filter

It is also a good idea to weigh out the amount of coffee powder. If you don’t have a scale handy, try using two teaspoons and increase or decrease the amount next time if you prefer a stronger or a less strong coffee. Shake the coffee powder into the lower part of the filter and fold the tea filter over once.

3. a) Insert the coffee pod

Place the coffee pod in the holder as usual and operate the machine as usual.

3. b) Inserting the coffee pod

Place the tea filter in the holder and fold over all the protruding corners so that it does not sit nicely but at least well in the holder. Operate your coffee machine as usual.


  • possibly a sewing machine
  • possibly scissors
  • possibly a (used) coffee pad as a template
  • Coffee pod machine
  • Kitchen scales
  • Funnel or teaspoon

Materials: Tea filter, Coffee powder, medium to fine grind (grind 3 to 4)

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