Maintenance of the coffee machine

An automatic coffee maker needs to be serviced every now and then. Doesn’t it? In the following, you will learn when it makes sense to service the coffee machine, what is done during maintenance and how much the fun costs.

What happens during maintenance?

During professional maintenance, the fully automatic coffee machine is not only thoroughly cleaned but also checked for weak points. Here is an overview of the maintenance work:

  • Deep cleaning, even in places you can’t reach.
  • Functional test of the machine and possible correction of malfunctions
  • Leak test
  • Checking of hoses and cables and possible replacement of worn parts
  • Checking the basic settings (grind, hardness, water temperature)
  • Checking the grinder

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When should an automatic coffee maker be serviced?

It is recommended that a fully automatic coffee maker be professionally serviced every two years. This is especially true for machines where the brew group cannot be removed, as is the case with Jura models, for example. Here, ugly soiling occurs, which in the worst case can lead to mould and bacteria, which you cannot remove yourself.

An automatic coffee maker should also be serviced if it makes more noise than usual or if minor defects occur that cannot be remedied with a simple descaling and/or thorough cleaning.

The advantages of maintenance

  • Worn individual parts and also sources of faults are discovered in good time and, if necessary, replaced before problems can arise.
  • The taste of the coffee is improved by thorough cleaning.
  • Any deposits are removed, preventing blockages and ensuring a smooth brewing process.
  • The coffee machine then works quieter, faster and the coffee tastes better.
  • Warranty extension: Manufacturers sometimes offer a warranty extension if the coffee machine is serviced during the warranty period. Even if this is not the case, the service providers usually give a guarantee on the maintenance. This means that if problems occur afterwards, the provider will cover the repair costs.

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How much does professional maintenance cost?

Considerably less than a new coffee machine. Depending on the model and service provider, prices range from £50 to £120, plus the cost of any spare parts. Service providers often quote mostly flat-rate prices for the particular model. Simply look online to see if there is a provider for servicing fully automatic coffee machines in your area and ask about the price. Bear in mind that if you send in your coffee machine, you will have to live without it for a longer period of time and you will have to pay additional shipping costs of 37 pounds or more.

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