Laser Level with Receiver

When measuring longer distances with a cross-line laser, a receiver is indispensable. These can display the laser beam correctly even if you can no longer see it with the naked eye.

However, in order for this to work smoothly, the receiver must match the cross-line laser, otherwise it will either display nothing at all or measurement errors will occur.

Top 3 Laser Level Receiver Sets

Can any receiver be used for any cross line laser level?

In the best case you buy a set, so you can be sure to get the right receiver.
In the best case you buy a set, so you can be sure to get the right receiver.

No, not every receiver is suitable for every crossline laser. Receivers also require a so-called pulse or receiver mode from the crossline laser in order to function. Furthermore, the receivers are only compatible with the devices specified by the manufacturer.

For example, a Bosch receiver is not able to work with a Makita cross line laser. Furthermore, the laser colour is crucial, as there are only a few receivers that work with both laser colours.

Therefore, when buying a receiver, you should always pay attention to the compatibility with your cross line laser. You can usually obtain this information directly from the manufacturer. Or you can opt for a bundle that already includes the receiver.

In addition, cross line laser receivers are only suitable for cross line lasers. They cannot be used for rotating lasers. You can find out more about this on our page: Rotating lasers with receiver.

How do the individual receivers differ
Detectable laser colours
Usually, a receiver can only detect a single laser colour, red or green. However, there are also high-quality models that can detect both colours.
Some receivers are better than others. You can tell this mainly by the range at which the receiver can detect the laser beam. However, the range does not depend entirely on the receiver. The cross line laser also plays a large part in this. Some cross line lasers even have a mode that adjusts the laser so that it can be better detected by a receiver.
Size of the sensor area
Almost all receivers have the feature of indicating whether the laser beam is slightly too high or too low. To do this, however, the laser beam must hit the sensor surface.

This means that a larger sensor surface has a clear advantage, as it gives you more leeway when aligning the laser beam for the first time. If the surface were too small, you would have to estimate very precisely where the laser beam is when setting it up. This can be particularly strenuous if the distance is so great that you can no longer see it with the naked eye.
Spirit level / bubble level
For a receiver to work properly, it must be levelled to the laser. As the laser is levelled due to the self-levelling function, the receiver must also be levelled as a result. This is ensured with a small integrated spirit level. Without this, correct use of the receiver would simply not be possible.

Laser Levels with Receiver

Bosch Professional Rotation Laser Level GRL 400 H (One-button keypad, Working Range: up to 400m (diameter), in carrying case)

as of May 22, 2023 9:40 am


  • IDEAL FOR THE JOBSITE: Withstands harsh conditions of any outdoor jobsite thanks to the IP56 water and dust protection
  • EASY TO USE: One-button keypad, Electronic Self Levelling functionality, and convenient battery tray
  • PRECISE RESULTS: Consistently accurate results with ± 2,4 mm at 30 m levelling accuracy and an ADS shock warning system
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for outdoor levelling, applications in building construction, civil engineering and landscaping
  • ITEMS INCLUDED: Rotation Laser Level GRL 400 H, laser receiver LR1, 1x 9V battery, 2x 1.5V LR20 battery, carrying case, 1 x RB 1 Professional Receiver bracket, 1x Battery compartment

DeWalt 2-Way Self-Levelling Ultra Bright Cross Line Laser with DE0892 Detector

as of May 22, 2023 9:40 am


  • Power: 3x alkaline batteries AA size
  • Beam color: Red
  • Laser class: 2,
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.3mm/m
  • Number of bundles: 2

Firecore Laser Level Green Professional Line Laser Self-Leveling 50m, 5 Line Laser Level and Plumb Point with Detector - with 1750mAh Battery - FIR411G
as of May 22, 2023 9:40 am


  • ▲Multi-line laser tool: 360° rotating laser level instrument provides 5 laser tubes (4 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line) separately, providing professional accuracy of 0.2 mm/m, with 360° rotating base, adjustable structure for accurate aiming.
  • ▲Pulse mode: FIR411G laser level meter is equipped with FD20 laser detector. The working distance is up to 50 meters (press the Receiver button to enter the pulse-on state to use the laser receiver). It is versatile and reliable and is suitable for various layout tasks. The FD20 detector is compatible with other Firecore red and green line laser levels.
  • ▲Rotating base and 5/8" thread: The laser level has a metal fine-tuning pivot base to provide 360° rotation. The micro-knob allows users to perform 360° adjustment and height adjustment. Combined with the built-in bubble, it can be on the uneven or inclined ground. Adjust the position of the laser tool. The laser point can be projected through the 5/8" thread. It is suitable for standard tripods or laser mounting rods.
  • ▲Lithium battery: This laser level meter is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. There is a charging port on the lithium-ion battery pack, which can be connected to the device to charge, or the battery can be charged separately. The large-capacity lithium battery supports continuous working for 5 hours when the laser tube is fully lit. (in order to extend the service life of the lithium battery, please do not overcharge or over-discharge. )
  • ▲IP54 waterproof: This level has an overmolded shell and IP54 waterproof design, which can protect the device from water splash, dust and construction debris. Make our laser grade shock resistant, abrasion resistant and impact resistant.

Top 3 Receivers

Buying guide for lasers with receiver

Since a receiver usually costs around 60£ to 100£, you should consider the purchase carefully. Often receivers are only suitable for a small selection of models. So if you buy such a receiver for a cheap cross line laser and it does not suit you later, you can no longer use the receiver for other models.

Therefore, you should only consider buying a receiver for a well-equipped cross-line laser. However, most receivers are suitable for different models.

For example, a Bosch receiver can often work with cheaper and more expensive Bosch cross line lasers. However, it depends on the colour, if the receiver can only detect red laser beams, it can only be used with a “red” Bosch cross line laser.

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