Kettle – the price

If you need a new kettle, the first thing to do is to compare prices. Here there are significant differences. The prices for a kettle vary greatly, however, the numerous models sometimes offer different features.

It doesn’t always have to be a new kettle

Often, a new kettle is needed when the old device is apparently defective. However, there are apparent damages that can be repaired with relatively little effort. For example, the heating of the device slows down significantly when the kettle needs descaling. Here you can read about how to decalcify a kettle naturally.

Some kettles start to whistle. Here, too, it does not necessarily have to be irreparable damage. Often, a necessary descaling is also required here, which immediately provides a remedy. But this is not always the case, and in rare cases, the old kettle may actually be broken.

Prices for kettles differ significantly

Now you are faced with the purchase of a new kettle. However, the prices really move in a wide range. Thus, prices range from about 10 euros to 250 euros. However, the device for 250 euros is not only a branded device, but at the same time a manufacturer, which is very trendy for kitchen aids.

Features of high-priced kettles

In return, however, the devices offer a number of things, such as a temperature display integrated into the container, an adjustable temperature between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius, at which the device switches off – and, probably most importantly, these devices are also equipped with their own limescale filter. In regions with particularly chalky water, this can definitely be a sensible investment.

General features of kettles

However, these are exceptional devices both in price and in equipment. Most devices have other equipment features:

  • Container of the kettle made of steel or plastic (or combined).
  • container with or without filling indicator
  • concealed heating element or open heating element
  • container can be removed wirelessly from the holder or not
  • filling capacity in liters
  • Power
  • branded or no-name water boiler

Plastic or steel

Plastic devices are, of course, cheaper. But with consideration for natural resources, a steel water boiler should be used. The fill indicator is quite useful, but after some time you will fill the water anyway, based on your experience with the device. The hidden heating element is useful, because her a significant risk of accidents is defused. On the other hand, lime deposits are no longer visible.

The fact that the container can be removed without a cable is a valuable equipment criterion in any case. The filling quantity should be based on individual needs. More power means higher power consumption, but faster heating of water in the stove. In this context, you should definitely include the energy-saving label in your considerations.

No-name cheap appliances versus brand-name water boilers

No-name devices are usually significantly cheaper than brand-name devices. Although the kettle is not a typical electrical appliance that tends to be repaired before disposal, brand-name appliances are still preferable. The mostly longer life span equalizes the alleged price advantage of the cheap device in quite a few cases. Under no circumstances should you choose a cheap appliance from a dubious supplier.

Do not buy a kettle from dubious suppliers

For example, at Asian markets abroad or even Far Eastern Internet sites. It is not uncommon for the electrical equipment to be life-threatening. It is not at all uncommon to find kettles from Asia that are inadequately grounded and where you can get an electric shock just by touching the casing of the container.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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