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How to Spot Fake 6×9 Speakers ? – Top 5 Ways

Imitation cannot be justified in any way. Either it is in your exams or imitating the construction of any product. We all know that most of the popular brands are followed by counterfeit products that are obviously low in quality. Most of the times, these products are a replica of the original one that it becomes too hard to differentiate between the two.

How to Spot Fake 6×9 Speakers? – Here is the Guide

Pioneers, one of the top rated 6×9 speakers [year], are of high-quality. Despite every measure taken, counterfeiters succeed to fake the speakers. These fake speakers are still present in the market.

Pioneer makes the best in class speakers by following all the norms of global sound entertainment industry. Fake speakers are of much lower-quality and they are vulnerable to short circuit and breakage. Obviously, they are available at a lower price too. But it is simply a short-term investment and they do not last long.

Differentiating between the original and fake speakers in not easy but it is not impossible as well. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the original product.

  1. Specification icons

    The specifications written on both original and fake speakers can be differentiated. The fonts of original speakers are comparatively bigger, thicker and different in color. If you will notice this, you will easily differentiate the original one.

  2. Hologram sticker

    The original 6×9 pioneer speakers uses only one 3D hologram sticker. This sticker is of green color. All the original 6×9 Pioneer speakers comprise this sticker. Fake speakers use this common silver hologram which is not used by Pioneer anymore.

  3. Packing design and MRP sticker

    Each pioneer 6×9 speaker box has this MRP sticker which comprises all the information including packing and all. Fake speakers also have this MRP sticker, but they contain very less information as compared to original one.

  4. Warranty Card, serial number and name label

    The genuine pioneer speakers will always have a guaranty card inside the box. The serial number and name label of the speakers will always be mentioned on it. Fake speakers, obviously, do not have a guaranty card. That is why it is advised to check the guaranty card properly before you get the speakers installed in your car.

    Confirm that the serial number written on the box and the serial number written on the warranty card are same. The original serial number is long. It can never be like a 4-digit digital serial number. Fake products use a 4-digit number as their serial number and that is how you can easily identify them.

  5. Other differences

    Genuine and fake speakers can be easily differentiated in the terms of cone color, quality of material, wire, spider, frame shape etc. Fake products can also be identified by the lower quality of the box and stickers. The price of fake speakers is also much lower than the original ones. That is how they can be easily differentiated.

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I hope after reading this you will be able to differentiate between the original and fake easily.

I like to test products and recommend the best ones, write reviews, travel and spend time with my family.

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