How to clean a cast iron roaster

Cast iron is one of the most durable materials around, but only if the user gives it the proper care. A roaster should always be well greased and preferably never come into contact with grease removers. We’ll tell you how to properly clean your cast iron roaster so you can continue to prepare numerous delicious meals in it.

Before the first use: prepare cast iron roaster

After unpacking, you should not use the roaster immediately, but first prepare it. Take a look at the instructions for use, they contain the most important care tips.

Before the first use, we recommend a thorough rinsing with hot water to remove dirt from the production process. Do not add any washing-up liquid! Then dry your roaster thoroughly and grease it with cooking oil or a bacon rind.

The grease prevents corrosion of the surface, because it protects from the influence of water and air. From now on, you should grease the cast iron roaster thoroughly after each use, it will also give it a kind of natural non-stick coating.

How to clean your cast iron roaster properly!

Many staunch cast iron fans make sure to keep their roasters and pans out of contact with water as much as possible. They only wipe out the interior dry so as not to damage the protective fat layer. However, this procedure takes quite a bit of getting used to.

If you prefer to rinse your roaster with warm water, however, be sure to skip the dishwashing liquid. After cleaning, dry the iron thoroughly and re-grease it.

If bright spots appear on the surface, they are usually from acidic foods. This may not look good, but it will not affect the frying properties of your kitchen utensil.

Cast iron roasters as lovers’ pieces

Cast iron roasters are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea because, in principle, they may never be cleaned completely clean. After all, due to the regular high heating, germs have little chance to develop.

However, the taste of food prepared in an old cast iron roaster is incomparable, which is why it is worth considering purchasing one in any case.

A cast iron roaster should never be put in the dishwasher, no matter how tempting this may seem. Prolonged soaking in water is also not good for it.

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