How many watts should a toaster have?

The wattage of a toaster should be decisive before buying. However, in terms of power consumption rather secondary. But this does not mean that a toaster can not help save energy. However, in another context. How many watts a toaster has is crucial because of the performance.

The power in watts at the toaster

The principle of operation of toasters suggests that a lot of power is needed. The power output is measured in watts or kilowatts, as with all other consumers. However, power consumption does not really have a high impact on energy savings. A toaster with around 1,000 watts or 1 kilowatt, which is used for three to five minutes a day, costs on average between four and eight euros a year.

Not very relevant in terms of power consumption and energy savings

So the toaster is not really worthwhile in terms of saving energy directly. But indirectly. If you were to use the oven instead of the toaster, it would cost considerably more. The use of a toaster therefore helps to reduce the power consumption in order to use other, more energy-intensive appliances less.

The power in watts in context with other features

The power in watts of a toaster is important along with other attributes. Therefore, the following attributes and characteristics must always be placed in context with each other:

  • Power in watts
  • cheap no-name device or brand toaster
  • double-slot or long-slot toaster

Long-slot and double-slot toaster

Double-slot toasters (or 2-slot toasters) require slightly less power than long-slot appliances. This is because these two slots allow the heat from at least the center heating coil to be used in both directions, while long-slot appliances require long heating wires where the heat that is radiated outward goes completely unused.

Performance depends on unit design

Optimum performance is therefore around 800 to 1,000 watts or 0.8 to 1 kW for double-slot toasters, and between 1 and 1.2 kW or 1,000 to 1,200 watts for long-slot toasters. Basically, the more watts the toaster has, the hotter the wires get. As a result, the toast is also toasted much faster. But now the quality of the toaster comes into play.

Why cheap toasters are literally cheap and not inexpensive

Cheap toasters are usually equipped with simple alloy wires, which are not protected at all. High quality toasters offer more solid heating wires, which are made of a better alloy and are also protected with mats. This means that the lifespan of a quality toaster is very likely to be considerably longer. No-name devices with a high wattage can therefore mean that the toaster will stop working prematurely. Quality does make a difference.

Tips & tricks

Besides the power consumption in watts, other factors should also play a role. It may also be useful to read our guide to repairing to asters, so that you can better see where the important differences in toasters are to be found.

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