Heating wood stove correctly – this is how

Anyone who owns a wood-burning stove or a fireplace often finds it difficult to light the stove at the beginning. Often there is too much smoke, which does not go out through the chimney, but spreads throughout the apartment. Then all the smoke detectors go off and you need to quickly remedy the situation. So here we show you how to properly heat the stove so that no smoke is produced.

Step by step properly heat the wood stove

  • Wood wool
  • small dry pieces of wood
  • dry branches
  • firewood
  • matches

1. air supply

First of all, all air openings of the wood stove should be completely opened. In some stoves, it is also necessary to leave the lower door in front of the ash compartment open during firing. If the stove is equipped only with a large complete door, it should be closed, of course.

2. build tent

A little wood wool is placed in the stove, and a chimney lighter or tiled stove lighter is placed on top of it. If you have enough small wood, you can also achieve good results directly with wood wool. Layer small sticks or narrow pieces of wood tent-like over this small kindling.

3. match

Many owners of a wood stove light the stove with a lighter. This works well in most cases. However, it is safer to light the fire with a match. You can then throw the match into the stove.

4. continue heating

Wait a moment until the small pieces of wood are well burned. Then put back on something tent-like, first medium sized pieces of wood. Never cover the whole fire completely, but put on about three pieces and repeat this after they have burned through. Gradually, larger wood can then be placed on top. When the fire is almost burned through, you can gradually close the air vents. First, close the vent at the bottom of the door, and only then close the top one located above the fire.

You must not light the wood stove with newspaper or cardboard. Newspaper is contaminated with printing ink, and it may also contain binders and formaldehyde. Therefore, it is actually prohibited in this country to light the stove with these materials. However, since the quantities are very small, most chimney sweeps do not take this practice very seriously and do not penalize this form of heating. Strictly speaking, however, a chimney sweep can shut down the stove if you light the fire with newspaper.

Elizabeth Green

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