Have Swiss Army Knives cleaned free of charge by the manufacturer

An original Swiss Army Knife from the Victorinox brand, which now includes Wenger, can be sent to the manufacturer for cleaning free of charge through authorized dealers. In everyday use should be a basic clean, which can be done in minutes with a few simple steps.

Identifying marks for original Swiss Army Knives

Apart from the typical cross-shaped emblem on the outer shell, an imprint on the blade of the large knife is the proof of authenticity. For the pocket knives since 2005, the text of the embossing was “Victorinox, Swiss Made, Stainless”. As of 2014, there are some products that have the embossed text “Victorinox, Swiss Made, Delémont”.

Victorinox’s corporate policy is very tradition and service oriented. Therefore, older models whose authenticity is undoubted are also accepted. In this case, a prior inquiry by phone call, mail or post should clarify the necessary identification marks of the respective manufacturing period.

Warranty definitions of the manufacturer

Victorinox defines its service very precisely. The following rules are described in the official checklist and procedure description for UK customers:

Warranty definition

The Victorinox AG warranty covers any material or manufacturing defect for an unlimited period of time (except for electronics 2 years). Damage caused by normal wear and tear or improper use is not covered by the warranty. Repairs or service not covered by the warranty may be subject to an additional charge.

Our services differ in:

  • Warranty: material and manufacturing defects, broken components, defective shells, springs, locks on locking knives.
  • Basic service: grinding, cleaning, oiling, shell replacement
  • Major service: grinding, cleaning, oiling, shell replacement, replacement of heavily and/or incorrectly stressed components
  • Special Service: old and/or special models, SwissTool/SwissTool Spirit, special service
  • Commemorative value (sentimental value): In a standard repair, all defective parts which are twisted, broken or heavily worn, as well as the shells are replaced. All other tools will be cleaned and polished. Please let us know if any parts may not be replaced or if any replaced parts need to be returned to you.
Customers report great goodwill even with older and very old original products.

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