Fully automatic coffee machine or Nespresso?

For coffee enjoyment at home, a fully automatic coffee machine or a Nespresso machine is a good choice. But what are the differences and limitations of both coffee machines? Below you will find a direct comparison of the most popular Nespresso machine and the most popular fully automatic coffee machine.

Nespresso’s aroma better because of more pressure?

Nespresso manufacturers advertise that their capsule machines would produce a better tasting espresso because of the high line pump, which can produce a pressure of up to 19 bar. Baristas and espresso experts know: The best espresso is made at a pressure of about 9 to 10 bar. Even if the pumps could do more, they normally work at around 10 bar; more pressure would tend to have a negative effect on the taste of the espresso.

A fully automatic coffee machine grinds the coffee beans fresh before each brewing process. This has an influence on the aroma of the coffee and a plastic capsule whose coffee powder is already several weeks or months old cannot compete with this in terms of taste.

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The most popular Nespresso machine

The most popular automatic coffee maker

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A Nespresso machine is at best suitable for coffee drinkers who drink very little coffee and are looking for an inexpensive option to quickly brew an espresso. Making a large cup of coffee is already difficult with the Nespresso, because even the long version is more like a double espresso. If you like variety and value good, fresh coffee, it’s better to dig a little deeper into your pocket and opt for the environmentally friendly version. In addition, you will soon recoup the extra cost of the purchase if you use the machine frequently, as the cost per cup is significantly lower with the fully automatic coffee machine.

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