Fully automatic coffee machine or capsule machine?

Which is better: a fully automatic coffee machine or a capsule machine? Read here about the advantages and disadvantages of both coffee machines and see in a direct comparison table which purchase is more worthwhile.

The advantages and disadvantages of a fully automatic coffee maker

The advantages and disadvantages of a fully automatic coffee maker

Compared to the capsule machine, the fully automatic coffee machine offers considerably more options and scope: you can add the optimum amount of water to your coffee, you can adjust the grind, make the desired amount of milk foam and have various drinks prepared.

The disadvantage is the relatively expensive purchase: you can currently get a decent fully automatic coffee machine for £250 and up. It grinds the beans fresh for each coffee, so you have a wonderful aroma in the house. Another advantage is the low price per cup: you get about 200 cups of coffee from 1.5 kg of coffee beans. Let’s say the package cost you 20£, so you pay 0.10£ per cup of coffee.

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The advantages and disadvantages of a capsule machine

The advantages and disadvantages of a capsule machine

First of all, the capsule machine impresses with its ease of use: one button for everything. What comes out depends on the capsule. But that’s where the problem starts: At least one capsule is used for each coffee production, two if you use a milk capsule. That’s a whole lot of waste if you use it frequently.

Then there is the high cost of the capsules: one capsule costs between £0.30 and £0.80. So if you make yourself a latte macchiato, you’re already looking at £0.60 to £1.10!

On the other hand, of course, the purchase costs are comparatively low: you can get a Nespresso capsule machine for as little as £35.

Another advantage is the relatively low maintenance: while a fully automatic coffee machine needs to be greased every now and then, for example, a capsule machine only needs to be descaled every now and then. There is also no risk of coffee powder flying around and getting stuck.

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Direct comparison of fully automatic coffee machine and capsule machine

Fully automatic coffee machineCapsule machine
Cost per coffee0,10£ to 0,30£0,30£ to 1,10£
Power consumptionNormally 1000 to 1500 wattsNormally 800 to 1300 watts
Amount of wasteOrganic waste onlyAny amount of plastic waste
Cost of purchaseFrom 250£From 35£
Maintenance costsMediumLow
FreshFreshly ground coffeeReady coffee powder in plastic capsules
Do you already have a capsule machine, but would like to make coffee in a more environmentally friendly way? Then buy reusable capsules! You can fill Xavax “Coffeeduck” espresso capsules yourself and reuse them as often as you like.

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