Drawer under the oven – that’s what it’s for

Many users are pleased with the practical drawer under the oven. Here you can store all sorts of dry and relatively clean. Baking trays, grills and casserole dishes find their place here under the oven. Some housewives even keep the cookbooks and recipes under the oven. This is not only a waste, but can also be dangerous.

Operating instructions for the oven

Whether the drawer under the oven is suitable for storage depends on the manufacturer. In many built-in kitchens, the oven is installed separately. In these cases, a drawer under the oven is usually a pure storage space. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Warming drawer

In most normal floor-standing ovens with an oven, there is a usage note in the user manual about the drawer under the oven. This is intended for warming plates or keeping food moderately warm. However, the drawer usually does not have any adjustment options for how warm the interior actually gets.

Therefore, the drawer is only suitable for keeping food warm if the oven has been in use long enough and has been set on a high setting. However, this function is better suited for plates. If some plates are always kept in the drawer, you will have nice warm plates when the food comes out of the oven.

Dangers when used incorrectly

If highly flammable items such as matches and / or the loose recipe collection are stored under the oven, it can become a fire hazard. If the oven is in use for a longer period of time, such as for the big Christmas goose, the heat could also rise too much in the drawer. The warm air can hardly escape from the drawer and this nice dry place becomes a fire hazard. Therefore, you should definitely not keep matches in the drawer under the oven.

Always read the instruction manual when you get a new oven. There you will find quite surprising things that many users do not even know. If the instruction manual is already missing, the material the drawer is made of can be a good clue. If the drawer is made of metal, you should not store flammable things in it – certainly not matches.

Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green

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