Defrosting in the oven – this is how it works

Many people swear by the defrosting function of the microwave, but it is not particularly gentle on food. There are several gentle ways to defrost meat and vegetables. One of them is the oven, which today sometimes even already has a special defrost function. But even without this function, you can use the oven for defrosting.

Defrosting in the oven: Is it possible?

Vegetables and ready meals can be defrosted directly in the oven. Meat should be wrapped in baking paper or placed in a glass dish beforehand. The recommended oven temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees. Vegetables and meat should be turned several times during defrosting.

Defrosting different foods

You can thaw beans, peas and the like in a heatproof bowl with water in the oven. These products thaw well in warm water, and it usually doesn’t matter if the vegetables are already somewhat precooked.

With meat and sausage, on the other hand, you should be very careful. It is even better to take a good piece of meat out of the freezer a day earlier and then defrost it well covered in the refrigerator. The slower meat is thawed, the fresher it stays. Also, always use the oldest frozen piece you have in the freezer. This will help you avoid frost damage and freezer burn.

Step by step Defrosting frozen meat in the oven

  • Baking paper
  • heatproof glass bowl

1. protect food

Vegetables and convenience foods don’t take quite so badly to being defrosted in the oven. But you should protect meat a bit in any case. Wrap it in baking paper and / or place it in a closed glass bowl, which should be as heatproof as possible.

2. set the oven

Most recommend a temperature between 50 and 75 degrees for defrosting in the oven. Some ovens have an adjustable function for defrosting. You should choose the setting based on the type of food. For meat, it is ideal to choose a lower temperature so that it is not already pre-cooked, making it tough.

3. defrost and check

Circulating air is more suitable than radiant heat from above and below. Especially meat should be turned several times together with the baking paper. Vegetables can also be defrosted in a glass dish. If you do not have a glass dish with a lid, you should also cover the food in the dish with baking paper.

The best solution for a good piece of meat when you need it fast is always warm water. Put the meat in a good tight freezer bag and place it in warm water. The water should not be too warm so that the meat does not pre-cook. The warm water must be changed more frequently so that thawing proceeds quickly.

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