Cooking eggs properly: how long should you cook eggs?

Actually, everything looks quite simple: Bring water to a boil, put eggs in, take them out after a certain time and the eggs are ready. But how long should you boil eggs to make them soft, waxy or hard? You can read about the factors that play a role here.

Cooking eggs correctly

First of all, you have to do everything right. This includes:

  • the water must be bubbling
  • the eggs should be at room temperature (not refrigerator cold, otherwise they will easily crack)
  • the eggs should be carefully pecked at the thick end
  • eggs should be put into the water slowly and carefully and not fall to the bottom of the pot (it is best to put them on a big spoon)
  • at the end of the cooking time, the eggs should be rinsed.

If you proceed in this way, you can calculate the following times for a medium-sized egg:

soft3 – 5 minutes
waxy soft5 – 8 minutes
hard> 9 minutes

However, in addition to this, some factors must be taken into account:

  • the temperature of the ice cream
  • the temperature of the water (if it is not bubbling it will take a little longer)
  • the weight of the egg
  • the thickness of the egg shell

Weight class

The weight class plays a role not only in trade, but also in cooking eggs. You can always use the weight class to estimate the cooking time:

Weight class designationWeight in g
very large> 73 g
large63 g to 72 g
medium53 g to 62 g
smallShell thickness

Eggshell thickness is determined by how much dietary calcium is available to the chicken and how well it can utilize the available calcium in egg production.

In most cases (though not always), eggs from organic farmers have a much thicker shell. As a result, they do not crack as easily when cooked.

Tips & Tricks

If you use an egg stove, the time is often a little longer (depending on the amount of eggs cooking in it). But the result is much more predictable, because everything can be set exactly.

Elizabeth Green

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