Common costs for sharpening knives

The cost of sharpening knives is lower than many consumers think. Since professional sharpening is only necessary every few years if the knives are handled and stored properly and gently, it is worth the investment. Larger numbers reduce the cost.

Standard prices for up to 15 centimeters of blade length

Sharpening and sharpening itself costs only a few euros, even for high-quality Damascus knives. Thanks to professional grinding machines, even smooth or serrated grinds like bread kn ives do not make a big difference in price. Almost all single knives with blade lengths of up to 15 centimeters are sharpened for less than five pounds. For conventional cutlery knives, most suppliers charge between two and three euros.

When choosing a knife sharpener, it is essential to make sure that only wet sharpening is performed. Dubious and frivolous suppliers grind dry on an electric grinder. This results in far too much material removal and the knives can be damaged.

Higher number of pieces reduces costs

If the knife grinder does not offer his work at the place of residence, the knives have to be shipped. Since the professional packing of the kn ives is a not inconsiderable expense, the flat shipping rates of most providers are relatively high. As a rule, they range between six and 15 pounds.

The most economical way is to collect several knives and have them sharpened in one delivery. The flat rates usually increase only slightly, if at all. Therefore, all blades in the household should be checked. Kitchen knives, for example, can easily include slicers, scissors or razors.

If there are very high-quality Damascus knives among the knives, transport insurance is highly recommended. A suitable packing method is to wrap the individual knives in layers of an oblong cloth or corrugated cardboard. In any case, the knives should be secured against slipping.

Razors are sharpened for prices ranging from twelve to twenty pounds, depending on their condition. Hand sharpening with Japanese water stones can cost up to two pounds per centimeter of length of blade.

Tips & Tricks

When having your knives sharpened, it makes sense to compare several price lists. Some knife sharpeners offer smooth and serrated grinds at the same prices, but make differentiated differences in blade lengths.

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