Cleaning the oven: 3 techniques at a glance

The possibilities at a glance

Cleaning the oven with home remedies

An oven can already be cleaned with some home remedies without having to purchase expensive or aggressive cleaning agents. In the case of lightly encrusted soiling or soiling that is not burned in over the long term, these remedies usually help excellently. The exposure time can be long for stubborn stains, but you should still try this compatible method first.

As home remedies, you can use baking soda, vinegar, soda, dishwashing liquid, lemon juice or citric acid, as well as shaving cream for oven cleaning. You need to sprinkle powder on the dirty area and then sprinkle it. You can apply liquids undiluted on the stain.


Cleaning oven with oven cleaner

Oven cleaning with a chemical oven cleaner is very common. In most households, this special cleaner is present, because it can easily dissolve even stubborn stains. After soaking, the impurities are usually completely dissolved and everything can be removed by wiping.

Some cleaners you need to heat in the oven, so that they develop the desired effect. Oven cleaners usually come in liquid or foam form. Liquid agents are ideal for straight surfaces on the floor or in the baking tray, while foam cleaners can also be used on the walls as well as the heating coils in the upper part. Depending on the aggressiveness, you should avoid physical contact and inhalation.


Cleaning the oven with a steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are devices that allow you to remove the dirt in the oven without additional detergents. Using hot steam, you treat the dirt until it detaches from the surfaces. This variant is particularly gentle, as no chemicals are used and the components in the oven are suitable for the higher temperatures.

Usually, handy steam cleaners are enough to perform the oven cleaning. However, you can also use larger devices, but they are worth it only if you clean regularly, or if they are also used for steam cleaning in other areas.


Product recommendations


Long-burned-on stains in the oven can be very stubborn. Only the right tools and machinery can ensure removal.

This steam cleaner is ideal for performing oven cleaning with steam. It comes with 12 accessories to specifically clean the oven and oven glass. The device has 1,050 watts and with a temperature of 120 to 130 ºC, even stubborn impurities in the oven are dissolved. With only 1.76 kg, the handling turns out to be particularly comfortable.

With the plastic scraper, you can easily scrape off the dirt in the oven. The plastic blades do not damage the surfaces and are gentle to the substrate. You get a total of 100 replacement blades, which have a width of 3.8 cm. With the ergonomically shaped handle, you will work without effort even during continuous use.


In addition to the right equipment for oven cleaning, cleaners are also needed. These loosen the dirt from the surfaces so that they can be easily removed afterwards.

Maxxi Clean’s oven cleaner is liquid in gel form, making it easy to spread. It also gets into hard-to-reach places in the oven. In addition to the oven, the cleaner is also used on the grill. Also included are a cloth, gloves and a brush. The content is 500 ml and the cleaning can be done without heating.

This oven cleaner from Heitmann is an active foam that is suitable for stubborn dirt in the oven. It is also used on the grill or fireplace glass. The foam cleaner has a high adhesion, so that even the walls and the top can be easily cleaned. The foam can be used for both cold cleaning and hot cleaning.

Instructions: Cleaning oven with baking powder in 7 steps

1. preliminary cleaning

First, remove coarse dirt and loose, burnt-on ingredients. A sponge or plastic spatula can help here. However, be careful not to scratch the oven glass and other areas.

2. mix

Mix baking soda and vinegar in a bowl with water. Stir everything until the baking soda is dissolved.

When baking soda comes in contact with vinegar, it foams.

3. application

Apply the mixture to the soiled areas. This is best done with a sponge or brush.

The mixture can be applied well with a brush

4. water bowl

Place a heat-resistant bowl of water in the center of the oven on the grate. A casserole dish is ideal for this purpose. The water will create moisture inside and the dirt will come off better.

5. heat up

Now heat the oven to about 80 to 100 ºC and let it heat for 45 minutes. The temperature allows the mixture to work best.

The mixture works best at just under 100 ºC

6. cool down

Turn off the oven and open the door. Wait until it has cooled down sufficiently to avoid burns.

7. wipe off

Wipe off the impurities and the remains of the mixture with a sponge. However, do not wait until it has cooled down completely, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the baking powder. Now the oven should be free of dirt and shine again.

Now the mixture just needs to be removed

Possible problems & solutions

Home remedies are not enough to clean the oven.

For stubborn dirt, home remedies may not be enough. In such cases, use a special oven cleaner. Although this is a chemical product, it also dissolves burnt-on residues and grease particularly reliably.

Scratching my oven during cleaning.

You should use soft sponges or cloths for cleaning. Spatulas should not be made of metal, they should be made of plastic.

My oven smells unpleasantly.

Odor removers help against unpleasant and annoying odors. These are sprayed into the interior and after the exposure time the odors should be gone.

Tip: Avoid soiling during operation

Stubborn soiling is very stubborn to remove. To avoid this, always keep the oven clean. Always use baking paper on both the baking tray and the rack. Cover vessels inside to avoid grease splatter. Clean the oven regularly to prevent anything from sticking.

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